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Friday, May 2, 2014

Today at ISASS

ISASS14's last day began with a packed session on MIS. Transforaminal endoscopic techniques were on display, as well as other relatively novel techniques. MIS is a wide and quickly advancing field of specialty in spine surgery, and the breadth of presentations reflected that. One technique even worked with only a single 2mm opening.

General Session Attendees

At the Symposium on Common Problems in the Management of Degenerative Deformity, some of the world's greatest deformity experts gathered. Tom Errico, Hee-Kit Wong, and Stephen Glassman have all made incredible contributions to this area and each gave a presentation long enough to be comprehensive at 15 minutes.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Lightning Round: Spine Potpourri talks were a rapid-fire barage of 3-minute observations about an dizzying array of topics. A more focused discussion took place at the same time in the General Session on Biomechanics.

Session Attendees

The New Technologies General Session found introductions to graft containment devices that are used as spacers, inserted empty and then filled with granules like a sandbag; robotic-assisted screw placement techniques; a simplified system for free-hand placing those same screws; preventing scar formation by way of amniotic membranes as anti-adhesion barriers; and inflammatory responses to differing materials. The earlier Lightning Round session was a Potpourri; these longer and more substantive talks constituted a cornucopia of new technologies, techniques, and ideas.

Presentation by Dr. Neal Anand

You don't even need to see the many MIS presentations and oral posters at ISASS14 to know that the topic is hot and more surgeons are interested in these techniques than ever. While ISASS loves bold new techniques, we love patient safety even more, and the MIS Complications session was put together to help minimize sequelae from these interventions. Distinguishing which patients need which treatment and presenting information on best practices dominated this session, along with timely information on outcomes among obese patients (a graying group who will come to constitute an ever-larger portion of cases in spine surgery).

Donna Ohnmeiss and Dom Coric moderated the last session of ISASS14: Biologics. The research shared in the Biologics session engaged the audience and was met with enthusiastic applause. The sharing of sample cases added to the learning process. The Hong Kong study was of great interest and brought discusion of BMP, Cutting Edge, a new area of biologic fusion and stems cells.

Dr. Antonio CastellviFinally, a word about Dr. Antonio Castellvi. ISASS will be forever grateful for his kindness, his intelligence, and his dedication to refining and creating better medicine. We lost a luminary this year, and he will be missed.

Cadaver Lab

Cadaver lab attendees will begin hands-on learning on Saturday, May 3, 2014 beginning at 7 am.

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