#535 Anterior Fixation Is Important for Pelvic Ring Stability with a Posterior-only Lumbopelvic Approach for a Complex Sacral Zone II Fracture with Anterior Ring Disruption

General Session: Tumor, Trauma, Infection, Image

Presented by: E. Jazini - View Abstract


E. Jazini(1), N. Klocke(2), O. Tannous(1), H. Johal(1), J. Hao(2), D. Gelb(1), J. Nascone(1), R. O'Toole(1), B. Bucklen(2), S. Ludwig(3)

(1) University of Maryland, Department of Orthopaedics at Shock Trauma, Baltimore, MD, United States
(2) Musculoskeletal Education and Research Center (MERC) , A Division of Globus Medical, Inc., Audubon, PA, United States
(3) University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, United States