Spine Surgeon Employment Opportunities

ISASS - in partnership with SpineSearch - is pleased to present these employment opportunities for spine surgeons.


SpineSearch is proud to collaborate with the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery. The goal of this page is to offer ISASS members the most current information regarding select job opportunities throughout the United States. In addition, to offer only the most current information regarding market trends, challenges and opportunities in the field of spine.

Premier Job Postings for ISASS

About SpineSearch Spine

SpineSearch is a recruitment, education, and consulting company. We service hospitals, private practices, and ambulatory surgery centers nationwide.

Our Mission

"To partner qualified spine professionals with career building and financially rewarding opportunities." The SpineSearch mission is steadfast in providing a superior network between highly qualified healthcare professionals, spine specialists, and healthcare facilities. Our vision is to provide a cutting edge network within the spine field and its professionals. We are focused exclusively to the field of spine medicine and offer a unique level of expertise in the spine industry. SpineSearch is an organization that provides recruitment services for spine practices. SpineSearch is led by experts in the industry who are knowledgeable about every dimension of the field. We invoke a commitment to those employed in the industry, offering continued education and career building symposiums, focusing on job satisfaction and decreased turnover. A community network of spine professionals dedicated to the future of spine, truly a revolutionary “way of spine”.