General Session: Innovative Technologies II - Hall F

#344 Comparing the Osseointegration of Seven Spinal Interbody Device Materials in an Ovine Bone Implantation Model
Presenter: G.M. Williams - Author(s): W.R. Walsh, M.H. Pelletier, T. Wang, C. Christou, E.R. Walsh, J. Malik, R.M. Donahoe, S.S. Bannigan, G.M. Williams
#147 Predicting the Occurrence of Complications Following Corrective Cervical Deformity Surgery: Analysis of a Prospective Muticenter Database Using Predictive Analytics
Presenter: P. Passias - Author(s): P. Passias, C. Oh, S. Horn, H.J. Kim, D.K. Hamilton, D. Sciubba, B. Neuman, A. Buckland, G. Poorman, C. Bortz, F. Segreto, N. Frangella, C. Varlotta, T. Protopsaltis, E. Klineberg, C. Ames, J. Smith, V. Lafage, International Spine Study Group
#327 Improving Spinal Fusion with Vitamin C: A Murine Model
Presenter: K. Tillinghast - Author(s): K. Tillinghast, J.V. Chen, K. Lee, B. Halloran, A.B. Dang
#522 Non-invasive in vivo MR Spectroscopy of Lumbar Discs Correlates with Provocation Discography & Fusion Surgery Outcomes
Presenter: M.F. Gornet - Author(s): M.F. Gornet, J.C. Lotz, R.K. Eastlack, J. Peacock, F.W. Schranck, J. Claude, A.G. Copay
#96 Cervical Alignment Comparative Analysis of Fixed Irreducible and Reducible Atlantoaxial Dislocations
Presenter: P. Passias - Author(s): P. Passias, C. Wang, G. Poorman, S. Horn, F. Segreto, C. Bortz, C. Varlotta, D. Ge, B. Diebo, S. Wang
#184 A Titanium Surface Treatment on PEEK Interbody Cages Significantly Improves Bone Cell Functions
Presenter: D.J. Hickey - Author(s): D.J. Hickey, T.J. Webster, S. Adams, I. Fedder
#94 Impact of Iliac Crest Bone Grafting on Postoperative Outcomes and Complication Rates Following Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Presenter: B. Haws - Author(s): B. Haws, B. Khechen, K. Cardinal, J. Guntin, K. Singh
#88 The Oblique Lumbar Inter Body Fusion (OLIF), Including the L5S1 Level, Early Post Operative Safety Profile in a Multi Center Review
Presenter: R. Hynes - Author(s): R. Hynes, Y. Rivera-Colon, M. Oh, D. Datta, A. Yu, J. Cannas, D. Prestamburgo, S. D'Houtard, K. Woods
#100 The Correlation between Cervical Alignment and Posterior Cervical Muscle Fatty Infiltration at Baseline in Cervical Deformity Patients
Presenter: F. Segreto - Author(s): P. Passias, C. Wang, G. Poorman, S. Horn, F. Segreto, C. Bortz, N. Stekas, D. Ge, H.J. Kim, V. Lafage, M. Gerling
#324 The Osteogenic Response of PEEK Implants is Improved with a Novel Ti Coating
Presenter: W. Walsh - Author(s): W. Walsh, M. Pelletier, C. Christou, J. He, F. Vizesi, S. Boden