General Session: Biomechanics - Hall F

#515 Muscular Energy Expenditure during Dynamic Balance Test in Adult Degenerative Scoliosis Patients Compared to Controls
Presenter: R. Haddas - Author(s): R. Haddas, I. Lieberman
#50 Cervical Deformity Patients with Concurrent Thoracolumbar Deformity Recruit More Lower Limb Compensation
Presenter: P. Passias - Author(s): P. Passias, S. Horn, G. Poorman, J. Moon, P. Zhou, J. Tishelman, L. Steinmetz, C. Bortz, F. Segreto, D. Ge, B. Beaubrun, C. Jalai, M. Gerling, A. Buckland, V. Lafage
#209 Tailoring Selection of Transforaminal Interbody Spacer Based on Biomechanical Characteristics and Surgical Goals: Evaluation of an Expandable Spacer
Presenter: J. Godzik - Author(s): J. Godzik, J. Lehrman, A. Newcomb, M. Ramkumar, A. Whiting, B. Kelly, L. Snyder
#24 Biomechanical Effects of the Lordotic Angle of Hyperlordotic Interbody Cage on Lumbar Spine
Presenter: Z. Zhang - Author(s): W. Liu, Z. Zhang, G. Fogel, Z. Liao, J. Zhu
#118 Endplate Deformation due to Open versus Strutted Intervertebral Devices
Presenter: A. Valdevit - Author(s): A. Valdevit, A. Kedzierska, M.B. Gallagher, J.M. Schneider, P.F. Ullrich
#265 Variations among Human Spine Segments and Their Relationships to in vitro Kinematics: A Retrospective Analysis of Experimental Data Including 581 Cervical Motion Segments from 147 Donor Spines
Presenter: A. Newcomb - Author(s): A. Newcomb, J. Lehrman, N. Crawford, B. Kelly
#135 Finite Element Analysis of Pre and Post Lumbar Fusion for Adult Degenerative Scoliosis Patients
Presenter: R. Haddas - Author(s): R. Haddas, M. Xu, I. Lieberman, J. Yang
#109 Interpreting 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Alignment in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis – How Should Thoracic Kyphosis Be Defined?
Presenter: N. Frangella - Author(s): S. Ramchandran, A. Sure, J. Moon, P. Zhou, N. Frangella, L. Steinmetz, T. Errico, A. Buckland
#195 Off-axis Rotation of the Sacroiliac Joint: An In-vitro Study
Presenter: K. Odeh - Author(s): K. Odeh, B. Taylor, C. Purviance, G. Gajudo, D. Lindsey, S. Yerby, D. Kondrashov, J. Leasure
#567 How Important Is the Biological Fusion in a Long Lumbopelvic Spinal Fixation? – An In-silico Biomechanics Analysis
Presenter: W. Wang - Author(s): W. Cho, W. Wang, B. Bucklen