Regular Posters - Tumor, Trauma, Infection

#105 Is Salvaged Blood a Viable Option for Transfusion in Metastatic Oncological Surgeries?
A.S. Zaw(1), B. Tan(1), N. Kumar(1)
#106 The Accuracy of Prognostic Scoring Systems in Predicting Survival of Lung Cancer Patients with Spinal Metastases
J. Tan(1), K.-A. Tan(1), A.S. Zaw(1), B. Tan(1), N. Kumar(1)
#107 Identification of Risk Factors for Perioperative Allogeneic Blood Transfusion in Patients Undergoing Spine Tumour Surgery
A.S. Zaw(1), B. Tan(1), N. Kumar(1)
#117 Hematologic Determinants of Early Postoperative Spine Infections
R. Ingber(1), J. Jauregui(1), C. Paulino(1), H. Yoshihara(1)
#258 Use of Tobramycin Powder Does Not Statistically Reduce Infection Rates in Spine Surgery
Y.-P. Lee(1), S.-D. Farhan(2), A. Pendi(2), D. Kiester(2), C. Rosen(2), P. Hahn(2), T. Cunningham(2), N. Bhatia(2)
#576 Acute Vertebral Low Compression Fractures: An Early Surgical Treatment by Kyphoplasty Allows Quick Full Recovery
M. Lamerain(1), J. Descamps(1), P. Jubert(1), C. Heyberger(1), M.-A. Rousseau(1)