Regular Posters - Innovative Technologies

#251 Cervical Spinal Cord Stimulation: Retrograde Occipital Lead Placement, Technique and Complications
M. Bender(1), S. Lannon(2), K. O'brien(3), J. Billys(4)
#315 Broadening our Understanding of Craniofacial and Spinal Relationships: The Impact of Facial Morphology on Cervical Spine Alignment
B. Diebo(1), C. Jalai(2), F. Schwab(3), B. Liabaud(3), S. Horn(2), G. Poorman(2), B. Beaubrun(2), J. Tishelman(2), J. Varghese(3), R. Lafage(3), V. Lafage(3), C. Paulino(1), P. Passias(2)
#602 Expulsion Performance of the ALIF Spine Truss System
L. Ferrara(1)
#622 Histological and Histomorpholocigal Evaluation of a Truss-technology Based Implant Design for an Interbody Fusion Cage
P. Lalor(1), L. Ferrara(2)