Regular Posters - Adult Spinal Deformity

#157 Study with the Disc Working Zone for Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy
Q. Zhao(1), P. Lu(2)
#293 Comparative Analysis of Peri-operative Outcomes Using Nationally Derived Hospital Discharge Data Relative to a Prospective Multi-center Surgical Database of Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery
P. Passias(1), G. Poorman(1), A. Buckland(1), C. Jalai(1), S. Horn(1), J. Tishelman(1), P. Zhou(1), M. Kelly(2), D. Sciubba(3), B. Neuman(3), D.K. Hamilton(4), A. Jain(3), B. Diebo(5), V. Lafage(6), S. Bess(7), E. Klineberg(8), International Spine Study Group
#316 Comparative Analysis of Peri-operative Complications between a Multicenter Prospective Cervical Deformity Database and the Nationwide Inpatient Sample Database
P. Passias(1), S. Horn(1), C. Jalai(1), G. Poorman(1), O. Bono(1), S. Ramchandran(1), J. Smith(2), J. Scheer(3), D. Sciubba(4), D.K. Hamilton(5), G. Mundis(6), C. Oh(7), E. Klineberg(8), V. Lafage(9), C. Shaffrey(2), C. Ames((1)0), International Spine Study Group
#322 Recovery Kinetics of Radiographic and Implant-related Revision Patients Following Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery
P. Passias(1), C. Jalai(1), V. Lafage(2), J. Scheer(3), D.K. Hamilton(4), S. Horn(1), P. Zhou(1), A. Sure(1), B. Line(5), S. Bess(6), F. Schwab(2), C. Ames(7), D. Burton(8), R. Hart(9), E. Klineberg((1)0), International Spine Study Group
#325 Inpatient Trends in the Management of Adult Cervical Deformity Reveal Decreasing Complication Rates Despite Increasing Age, Worsening Comorbidities and Enhanced Surgical Invasiveness
P. Passias(1), G. Poorman(1), C. Jalai(1), S. Horn(1), P. Zhou(1), A. Sure(1), B. Diebo(2), M. Gerling(1)
#466 Does Obesity Affect Outcomes of Patients Undergoing Circumferential Minimally Invasive Surgical (CMIS) Correction of Adults Spinal Deformity (ASD)?
N. Anand(1), R. Cohen(1), J. Cohen(1), B. Khandehroo(1), S. Kahwaty(1), E. Baron(1)
#493 Radiographic Conversion Ratios for Scoliosis And Sagittal Alignment Measurements from Supine to Erect X Rays in Adult Lumbar Spinal Deformity Patients
G. Liu(1), J. Tan(1), H.Y. Chan(2), J.H. Tan(3), C.-W. Yang(4), F. Jing(5), H.K. Wong(1)
#515 Comprehensive Experimental Analysis of Lumbosacral Rod Strain Following Unilateral Iliac Screw Instrumentation for Deformity Correction
B.W. Cunningham(1), M. Moldavsky(1), J. Harris(1), S.R. Sheng(2), S.H. Berven(3), Y. Gussous(3), B. Bucklen(1)
#518 Multiregional Spinal Stenosis (MRSS): How Does it Present, Behaves and Results
C.C. Hong(1), G.K.P. Liu(1), H.K. Wong(1)
#524 Experimental Correlation of Radiographic Metrics and Lumbosacral Rod Strain Following Lumbopelvic Instrumentation for Deformity Correction
B.W. Cunningham(1), M. Moldavsky(1), J. Harris(1), Y. Gussous(2), S.H. Berven(2), B. Bucklen(1)