Symposium: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Reimbursement in a Value-Based World: A Forum for Surgeons and Industry

#510 Pilot and Pivotal Paired Comparison Survey(s) Analyses Utilizing Rasch Methodology of the Relative Difficulty and Estimated Work RVU of CPT 27279
Presenter: M. Lorio - Author(s): M. Lorio, K. Hallas, M. Martinson, L. Ferrara
#430 How Much Work is Involved in Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Fusion?
Presenter: D.W. Polly - Author(s): C.G.T. Ledonio, T. Garber, J. Sembrano, E.R. Santos, D.W. Polly
#444 Spine Surgeons’ Perceptions of the Incidence and Impact of Third Party Payers’ Delay or Denial of Coverage in the Pre-Authorization of Surgical Procedures and Subsequent Payment
Presenter: P. Nunley - Author(s): P. Nunley, J. Small, K. Frank, M. Stone
#206 Working towards Bundled Payments for Adolescent Scoliosis Surgery, an Analysis of Real Costs
Presenter: I. Lieberman - Author(s): X. Hu, S. Brice, I. Lieberman