#416 Fusion Rates and Predictive Factors for Pseudarthrosis Following Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion using BMP or Stem Cell Fusion Adjuncts
Presenter: S. Overley - Author(s): S. Overley, S. McAnany, M. Anwar, A. Lovy, J. Guzman, D. Alicea, S. Qureshi
#35 Comparison of Early and Late Complications after Circumferential Minimally Invasive and Hybrid Surgery for Adult Spinal Deformity
Presenter: J. Cuellar - Author(s): J. Cuellar, N. Anand, K.-M. Fu, Z. Sardar, P. Park, M. Wang, V. Lafage, S. Nguyen, D. Okonkwo, J. Uribe, R. Eastlack, R. Fessler, V. Deviren, P. Mummaneni, C. Shaffrey, G. Mundis, International Spine Study Group
#225 Outcomes of Lumbopelvic Fixation in the Treatment of Complex Sacral Fractures Using Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques
Presenter: E. Jazini - Author(s): E. Jazini, E. Nwodim, O. Tannous, C. Saifi, N. Caffes, T. Costales, T. Weir, E. Koh, K. Banagan, D. Gelb, S. Ludwig
#245 MIS TLIF Improves Functional Ability in Injured Workers as Compared to Open TLIF
Presenter: R. Kube - Author(s): R. Kube, D. Morrow
#525 Does Level of Response to SI Joint Block Predict Response to SI Joint Fusion?
Presenter: D.W. Polly - Author(s): D.W. Polly, D. Cher, P. Whang, C. Frank, H. Lockstadt, C. Harvey, J. Sembrano
#616 Learning Curve of a Minimally Invasive Technique for Percutaneous Pedicular Screws (PPS) and Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (MIS-TILF) in Treatment of Lumbar Degenerative Disease (LDD). Operative and Clinical Outcome in 246 Consecutive Cases
Presenter: H. Nicola - Author(s): H. Nicola, M. Da Silva, D. Onay
#174 Hospital Re-admissions with the Kiva VCF Treatment System Compared to Balloon Kyphoplasty: Analysis of the Kiva System as a Vertebral Augmentation Treatment (KAST) Randomized Trial
Presenter: D. Beall - Author(s): S. Garfin, D. Beall, S. Tutton, P. Kakad, Q. Li, J. Hornberger
#187 Revision Discectomy and Eventual Need for Fusion after Lumbar Microdiscectomy via Open or Dilator Tube Approach: Correlation with Pre-Operative Risk Factors
Presenter: S. Overley - Author(s): S. McAnany, S. Overley, M. Anwar, H. Cutler, J. Guzman, J. Kim, S. Cho, A. Hecht, S. Qureshi
#506 A Comparison of Clinical Outcomes to Assess Interlaminar Fusion to the Traditional Pedicle Screw Construct in Augmenting Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Presenter: B. Walker - Author(s): B. Walker,S. Miller, T. Callanan, C. Abjornson, R. Huang, F. Cammisa