#220 Does poor post-op Sagittal Vertical Alignment directly correlate with poor functional outcomes in patients with Circumferential Minimally Invasive correction of Adult Spinal Deformity?
Presenter: N. Anand - Author(s): N. Anand, B. Khandehroo, J. Cohen, R. Cohen, E. Baron, S. Kahwaty
#608 Effects of Intraoperative Anesthetic Medications on Postoperative Urinary Retention after Single Level Lumbar Fusion
Presenter: B. Mayo - Author(s): B. Mayo, D. Massel, P. Louie, D. Bohl, S. Iantorno, J. Ahn, E. Tabaraee, K. Singh
#377 Radiographic analysis of indirect neural decompression for central canal stenosis following lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF) Estimation of cutoff value for additional decompression
Presenter: S-J. Park - Author(s): S-J. Park, C-S. Lee, S-S. Chung, J-H. Kim, J-S. Kim
#34 Clinical and Radiographic Parameters Associated with Best vs. Worst Clinical Outcomes in Minimally Invasive Deformity Surgery
Presenter: P. Nunley - Author(s): K. Than, P. Park, K-M. Fu, S. Nguyen, M. Wang, C. Shaffrey, S. Bess, B. Akbarnia, V. Deviren, J. Uribe, D. Okonkwo, G. Mundis, P. Mummaneni, P. Nunley, International Spine Study Group