#282 Complications Associated with the Anterior Approach to the Lumbar Spine: Analysis of 2,881 Consecutive Cases during a 6-year Period
Presenter: J. Zigler - Author(s): J. Zigler, J. Shivers, R. Guyer, D. Ohnmeiss
#512 When Does Compensation for Lumbar Stenosis Become a Deformity?
Presenter: L. Day - Author(s): A. Buckland, S. Vira, J. Oren, R. Lafage, B. Harris, M. Spiegel, B. Diebo, B. Liabaud, T. Protopsaltis, F. Schwab, T. Errico, V. Lafage, J. Bendo
#671 Identifying Thoracic Compensation and Predicting Reciprocal Thoracic Kyphosis and PJK
Presenter: B. Diebo - Author(s): T. Protopsaltis, B. Diebo, R. Lafage, J. Smith, D. Sciubba, P. Passias, E. Klineberg, D. Burton, C. Ames, C. Shaffrey, S. Bess, R. Hart, F. Schwab, V. Lafage, International Spine Study Group
#497 Lumbar Spinal Fusion as a Risk Factor for Adjacent Segment Degeneration – Results of a Secondary Analysis of Data from a Clinical, Multicenter, Randomized Controlled Trial
Presenter: W. Sears - Author(s): W. Sears, G. Maislin, R. Davis, J. Auerbach, T. Errico, H. Bae
#341 Segmental Range of Motion Preservation Following Lumbar Total Disc Replacement: Post Hoc Analysis of a Randomized Controlled IDE Trial
Presenter: R. Garcia - Author(s): R. Garcia, J. Yue, L. Miller, Yue
#492 The Incidence of Adjacent Segment Disease and Index Level Revision and Outcomes of Secondary Surgical Intervention Following Single Level Lumbar Total Disc Replacement
Presenter: M. Scott-Young - Author(s): M. Scott-Young, L. McEntee, J. Cho, I. Luukkonen
#708 Total Disc Replacement - Effective Treatment for Lumbar Disc Herniation with Radiculopathy?
Presenter: G. Edgard-rosa - Author(s): G. Edgard-rosa, G. Geneste, T. Marnay
#136 Influence of Preoperative Sagittal Balance and Roussouly’s Back Type on Clinical and Radiological Outcomes after Single-level Total Disc Replacement
Presenter: A. Faure - Author(s): A. Faure, C-H. Flouzat Lachaniette, M. Khalife, A. Poignard, J. Allain
#144 Analysis of Hospital Length of Stay Following Lumbar Anterior/Posterior Combined Fusion: Is there a Disadvantage Associated with Shorter Stays?
Presenter: R. Guyer - Author(s): R. Guyer, E. Putney, D. Ohnmeiss, J. Zigler
#661 After Nine Years of Three-column Osteotomies, Are we Doing Better? Performance Curve Analysis of 573 Surgeries with 2-year Follow up
Presenter: J. Varghese - Author(s): B. Diebo, J.J. Varghese, V. Lafage, M. Gupta, D. Sciubba, C. Ames, K. Kebaish, C. Shaffrey, R. Hostin, I. Obeid, D. Burton, R. Hart, R. Lafage, T. Errico, F. Schwab, International Spine Study Group