General Session: Innovative Technologies

#632 Prospective, Randomized Trial Comparing Lumbar Decompression with or without Interlaminar Stabilization with 24 Month Follow-up
Presenter: M. Rauschmann - Author(s): M. Rauschmann, D. Adelt, J. Franke, S. Schmidt, S. Sola, G. Maislin, R. Davis
#624 Interim Results from a Prospective, Randomized Clinical Trail Investigating an Anular Closure Device
Presenter: G.J. Bouma - Author(s): G.J. Bouma, P.D. Klassen, F. Martens, J. Fandino, Anular Closure RCT Study Group
#694 Axial Rotation in Lumbar Disc Herniation Patients Treated with Novel Dynamic Stabilization Device – A Pilot Study
Presenter: K. Rickers - Author(s): K. Rickers, S. Kitahata, A.A.E. Orias, S. Ringgaard, F.B. Christensen, G.B. Anderson, C. Bünger, J. Peterson, H. Li, E.S. Hansen, N. Inoue, B. Robie
#107 Improvement in Sacroiliac Joint Pain 2 Years after Fusion with the Distraction Interference Arthrodesis Neurovascular Anticipating (DIANA™) Device
Presenter: T. Freeman - Author(s): K. Duncan, B. Manchec, C. Borlongan, D.L. Scott, F. Bernardo, W. Monahan, T. Freeman
#451 A novel minimally invasive percutaneous disc hydration filament for treating discogenic low back pain: mechanism and clinical outcome
Presenter: J. Shi - Author(s): J. Shi, Y. Yang, F. Zhou, H. Zhang, H. Yang, J. Yeung, H. Yuan
#349 Expandable vs. static height TLIF cages: Is cage performance affected by pre-op disc height or segmental lordosis?
Presenter: D. Crandall - Author(s): D. Crandall, J. Revella, M. Chang, L. Young, A. Chung, L. Taylor, M. Immediato, R. Mclemore
#691 Porous Silicon Nitride Spacers versus PEEK Cages with Autograft: 12 Month Data from the CASCADE Randomized Trial
Presenter: M. Arts - Author(s): M. Arts, J. Wolfs, T. Corbin
#633 Long Term Durability of ILS: A 5 Year Level 1 Study of Spinal Stenosis Disease Management
Presenter: M. Musacchio - Author(s): M. Musacchio, C. Lauryssen, R. Davis, H. Bae, S. Leary
#424 Assessment of the intracanal, endoscopic transforaminal decompression technique: A prospective analysis after multilevel or revision decompression with one-year follow-up
Presenter: J. Sclafani - Author(s): J. Sclafani, K. Raiszadeh, C. Kim
#429 Radiological Signs of Adjacent Segment Degeneration in Patients with Cervical Radiculopathy Treated with Posterior Cervical Cages - 2 Years Follow-up
Presenter: K. Siemionow - Author(s): K. Siemionow, P. Janusz, J. Bou Monsef