#517 Cervical kyphosis does not imply cervical deformity: predicting cervical curvature required for horizontal gaze based on spinal global alignment and thoracic kyphosis.
Presenter: B. Diebo - Author(s): B. Diebo, J. Oren, M. Spiegel, S. Vira, E. Tanzi, B. Liabaud, R. Lafage, J. Henry, T. Protopsaltis, T. Errico, F. Schwab, V. Lafage
#366 The Positive Effect of Continued Motion of a Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement on Radiographic Adjacent Level Degeneration at Long Term Follow-Up
Presenter: J. Spivak - Author(s): J. Spivak, J. Zigler, M. Janssen, B. Darden, K. Radcliff
#319 Long-Term Serum Metal Concentrations Up to 84 Months after Surgery in Patients with Metal-on-Metal Cervical Disc Arthroplasty
Presenter: J.K. Burkus - Author(s): J.K. Burkus, V. Singh, A. Skipor, J. Jacobs
#326 Impact of Age on Patient Outcomes after Cervical Disc Arthroplasty or Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion: Comparison at 5-Year Follow-up
Presenter: M. Hisey - Author(s): M. Hisey, J. Zigler, R. Guyer, D. Ohnmeiss
#129 Impact of Race and Insurance Status on Surgical Approach for Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy in the United States: A Population-based Analysis
Presenter: S. McClelland III - Author(s): S. McClelland III, B.J. Marascalchi, P.G. Passius, T.S. Protopsaltis, A.K. Frempong-Boadu, T.J. Errico
#321 Impact of Operative Time on Adverse Events Following Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
Presenter: D. Massel - Author(s): D. Bohl, J. Ahn, B. Mayo, D. Massel, B. Basques, W. Long, K. Modi, K. Singh, J. Grauer
#259 A MRI characterization of the dorsal cervical cord migration behaviour in hybrid open-door laminoplasty.
Presenter: G. Liu Ka Po - Author(s): G. Liu Ka Po, B.H. Lee, E. Poh, H.K. Wong
#145 Influence of Adverse Events on Clinical Outcomes of Patients in an FDA IDE Clinical Trial of Cervical Total Disc Replacement versus Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
Presenter: D. Ohnmeiss - Author(s): D. Ohnmeiss, M. Hisey, H. Bae
#283 Predictors of Hospital Length of Stay and 30-Day Readmission in Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Patients: An Analysis of 3057 Patients Using the ACS-NSQIP Database
Presenter: C. Jalai - Author(s): P. Passias, C. Jalai, N. Worley, G. Poorman, S. Vira, S. Hasan, A. White, M. Gerling, V. Lafage, T. Errico