#702 New Evidence Supporting Instability as a Contra-indication to Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty
Presenter: M. Gornet - Author(s): M. Gornet, J.A. Hipp, N.D. Wharton, F.W. Schranck, A.G. Copay, K. Wymore
#339 Slump sitting X-ray of the lumbar spine is better than conventional flexion view
Presenter: D. Hey - Author(s): D. Hey, E.T.C. Lau, D. Choong, C-S. Tan, H-K. Wong
#163 A Comparative Analysis of Lumbo-sacral Fixation Strengths: What Is Best in a Long Fusion?
Presenter: C. Cain - Author(s): C. Kleck, D. Illing, E. Lindley, V. Patel, C. Barton, T. Baldini, C. Cain, E. Burger
#246 Sagittal Balance Considerations In Planning Multilevel Cervical Intervention: Effect of Arthroplasty vs. Fusion on Adjacent Segment Motions
Presenter: S. Khayatzadeh - Author(s): S. Khayatzadeh, L. Voronov, J. Goodsitt, Z. Smith, A. Germanwala, G. Carandang, R. Havey, C. Lauryssen, C. Schätz, A. Ghanayem, A. Patwardhan
#292 Biomechanical Comparison of Stand-Alone Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Devices with Secured Fixation: Four-Screw Locking Plate vs. Three-Screw Variable Angle vs. Blade Fixation
Presenter: A. Freeman - Author(s): A. Freeman, J. Walker, M. Fenn, M. Bushelow, C. Cain, A. Tsantrizos
#399 Cortical vs. Traditional Pedicle Screw Fixation in Osteopenic Spine: Biomechanical Assessment
Presenter: M. Conti Mica - Author(s): M. Conti Mica, J.I. Romo, E. Miliavski, D. Baluch, L. Voronov, R. Havey, B. Wojewnik, A. Ghanayem, A. Patwardhan
#114 Biomechanical Stability of Lumbar Integrated Fixation Spinal Cages under Fatigue Loading
Presenter: S. Nagaraja - Author(s): V. Palepu, J. Peck, M. Helgeson, D. Simon, S. Nagaraja
#244 The Effects of Forward Head Posture on the Suboccipital Triangle Region
Presenter: O. Kalmanson - Author(s): O. Kalmanson, S. Khayatzadeh, A. Germanwala, R. Havey, L. Voronov, A. Patwardhan
#398 Biomechanical Evaluation of Lumbar Decompression Adjacent to Instrumented Segments
Presenter: P. Grunert - Author(s): P. Grunert, P.M. Reyes, A.G.U.S. Newcomb, B. Kelly, R. Härtl
#130 Biomechanical Analysis of S2AI Fixation in Long Posterior Fusion Constructs
Presenter: L. Ferrara - Author(s): C. Sutterlin, A. Field, A. Freeman, L. Ferrara
#419 In Situ Motions of Subaxial Cervical Segments During Side-to-Side Head-Neck Axial Rotation
Presenter: J. Goodsitt - Author(s): J. Goodsitt, S. Khayatzadeh, L. Voronov, R. Havey, A. Patwardhan
#161 Biomechanical Assessment of Gradual Stabilization Using Semi-rigid Fixation in the Thoracolumbar Spine
Presenter: B. Bucklen - Author(s): I. Cheng, F. Lamarca, J. Pirolo, C. Farley, S. Yandamuri, E. Matheis, B. Bucklen