General Session: Adult Spinal Deformity

#518 Defining the Role of Lower Limbs in Compensating for Sagittal Malalignment
Presenter: R. Lafage - Author(s): R. Lafage, B. Liabaud, B. Diebo, J. Oren, I. Gammal, S. Vira, M. Spiegel, E. Tanzi, T. Protopsaltis, T. Errico, F. Schwab, V. Lafage
#221 Analysis of actual segmental lordosis obtained with lordotic and hyperlordotic lateral cages- Analysis of 218 levels
Presenter: N. Anand - Author(s): N. Anand, B. Khandehroo, J. Cohen, R. Cohen, E. Baron, S. Kahwaty
#258 How is the Spine Different in Standing and in Sitting? – Important Considerations in Spinal Deformity Correction
Presenter: D. Hey - Author(s): D. Hey, A.Q.A. Teo, N.L.W. Ng, D. Chong, J. Ruiz, L-L. Lau, K-P.G. Liu, H-K. Wong
#266 Is Degenerative Scoliosis a Risk Factor for Adult Thoracolumbar Spinal Fractures? : A 7000 Multi-Racial Asian Patients Review
Presenter: J.H. Tan - Author(s): G. Liu, J.H. Tan, M.T.M. Win, H.K. Wong
#684 Reducing Rod Breakage and Nonunion in Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy: The Importance of Rod Number and Configuration in 264 Patients with 2-year Follow-up
Presenter: B. Liabaud - Author(s): M. Gupta, B. Liabaud, J. Henry, V. Lafage, F. Schwab, C. Ames, E. Klineberg, J. Smith, V. Deviren, C. Shaffrey, R. Hart, R. Hostin, G. Mundis, H.J. Kim, D. Burton, International Spine Study Group
#40 Comparison of Complications, Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes between Non-obese and Obese Patients with Adult Spinal Deformity Undergoing Minimally Invasive Surgery
Presenter: P. Park - Author(s): P. Park, M. Wang, S. Nguyen, G. Mundis, F. La Marca, J. Uribe, N. Anand, D. Okonkwo, A. Kanter, R. Fessler, R. Eastlack, D. Chou, V. Deviren, P. Nunley, C. Shaffrey, P. Mummaneni, International Spine Study Group
#381 Different risk factors of proximal junctional kyphosis (PJK) and proximal junctional failure (PJF) following long instrumented fusion to the sacrum for degenerative adult spinal deformity Survivorship analysis of 160 patients
Presenter: S-J. Park - Author(s): S-J. Park, C-S. Lee, J-H. Kim, J-S. Kim
#682 Age-adjusted Alignment Goals Have the Potential to Reduce PJK
Presenter: H. Bao - Author(s): F. Schwab, H. Bao, R. Lafage, S. Glassman, S. Bess, B. Harris, J. Scheer, R. Hart, B. Line, D. Burton, H.J. Kim, E. Klineberg, T. Protopsaltis, C. Ames, V. Lafage, International Spine Study Group
#277 Predictive Model For Cervical Alignment Following Surgical Correction Of Adult Spinal Deformity
Presenter: P. Passias - Author(s): P. Passias, C. Oh, C. Jalai, N. Worley, R. Lafage, J. Scheer, E. Klineberg, R. Hart, H.J. Kim, J. Smith, V. Lafage, C. Ames, International Spine Study Group