Regular Posters - Economics/Cost Effectiveness

#57 Sacroiliac Joint Disruption Managed with Non-operative Care Is Costly to Commercial Payers
S.J. Ackerman(1), T.A. Holt(2), T. Knight(3), J. Cummings(4), D.W. Polly, Jr(5)
#65 How Often Is Lumbar Spinal Fusion Performed Prior to Diagnosis of Sacroiliac Joint Disruption?
S.J. Ackerman(1), T.A. Holt(2), T. Knight(3), D.W. Polly, Jr(4)
#236 Analysis of Surgeon Hourly Earnings for Commonly Performed Spinal Surgeries in Medicare Patients: When Is a Spine Surgeon Paid Less than a Veterinarian?
D.G. Crandall(1), M. Gebhardt(1), M.S. Chang(1), J. Datta(1), T. Crowder(1), W.R. Stevens(2), J.H. Maxwell(3), P.R. Gause(4), J.S. Field(5)
#520 Transitioning from a Paper-based to a Web-based Data Collection System in a Community-based Orthopedic Surgery Practice
F.W. Schranck(1), S.C. Erker(2), M.D. Britt(1), C.R. Schranck, III(2), M.A. Richards(2), A.D. Desai(1)