#570 Laser Modified PEEK Implants as an Adjunct to Interbody Fusion: A Sheep Model
Presenter: T. Ganey - Author(s): T.M. Ganey, P. Colahan, T. Broome, R. Srinivas, F.E. Livingston
#226 Randomized Study of Anular Repair Readmission Rates Following Discectomy
Presenter: S. Blumenthal - Author(s): S.L. Blumenthal, Anulex Study Group
#179 Endoscopically Guided Foraminal and Dorsal Rhizotomy for Chronic Low Back Pain
Presenter: A. Yeung - Author(s): A.T. Yeung
#215 Spinal Cord Stimulator Re-operations: Review of Cases from One Practice
Presenter: R. Rashbaum - Author(s): R.F. Rashbaum, S. Verma-Kurvari, D.D. Ohnmeiss
#510 Radiologic Evaluation of a Novel Radiolucent CF/PEEK Pedicle Screw Using Fluoroscopy, CT and MRI
Presenter: F. Kilian - Author(s): F. Kilian, T. Nydegger, F. Külling, R. Wieling, N. Aebli, T. Forster
#136 Interspinal Lumbar Decompression Fusion (ILIF) for Spinal Claudication
Presenter: G. Diaz - Author(s): G. Diaz, C.R. Cook, R. Tyo
#440 Randomized Study of Anular Repair Following Discectomy in a Smoking Population
Presenter: J. Sherman - Author(s): J.E. Sherman, Anulex Study Group
#59 Initial Results of a Multi-center Study of the InterCushion Disc Nucleus Replacement
Presenter: P. De Muelenaere - Author(s): P.F.R.G. De Muelenaere, J. Hurlbert, P. Asdourian, A. Schwartz, J.C. Felt
#403 How Many Implants Can Be Placed in Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Fusions?
Presenter: J. Breen - Author(s): D.W. Polly, C.G. Ledonio, J. Breen, I. Ninkovic, E.R. Santos
#450 Clinical Benefits of Using Autologous Conditioned Serum (Orthokine/ ACS) to Treat Sciatica and Discogenic Back Pain
Presenter: C. Moser - Author(s): C. Moser, P. Wehling, J. Becker, D. Groenemeyer, J. Reinecke