Membership Application, Fees and Dues

Membership Application Fee and Annual Dues

Dues for all member categories in developed countries are $500 USD for Surgeon and Affiliate/Industry members and $285 USD for other membership categories, automatically renewed an individual annual basis. There is a $50 processing fee for all applications and renewals. Dues may be paid in local currency contingent upon the payment option selected. Dues and application fees for emerging countries are discounted and vary by region or country. Please see the application for further details.

Membership Categories

Advancements in spine surgery are happening everywhere. You’re invited to join us. Membership is open to all spinal specialists, groups or organizations, including government and industry, whose common cause is the advancement of spine surgery. ISASS memberships are for individuals only. Membership categories are as follows:

Regular Membership

Surgeon: Those actively practicing spine surgery.

Affiliate Membership

Industry: Those actively involved in the spine surgery industry.


Retired surgeons who were previously active ISASS Members having been active for 5 years prior to full retirement and having reached the age of sixty-five (65) or more years. Emeritus/Retired members may attend meetings but are not required to pay registration fees for meetings.

Regular Membership

Resident: Those in residency to become a practicing spine surgeon.

Fellow: Graduates of orthopedic surgery residency training programs under the direction of a spinal surgeon.

Scientist: Researchers in spine surgery.

Physician’s Assistant: Healthcare professionals licensed to practice medicine with supervision of a licensed physician.

Nurse: Nurses practicing spine surgery.

Physical Therapist: Those working in rehabilitation techniques after spine surgery.