The Spine Movement Newsletter Launched

Dear SAS Member or Associate,

We hope you find the premier issue of "the Spine Movement" to be of interest. As the members of the SAS Publications Committee, we determined a need and worked to develop this newsletter for the SAS. We felt a newsletter was needed to keep our members informed and to share with non members all that the society is bringing to its membership. Future issues will focus on items of interest and keep you up to date on the ever increasing member benefits. Our goal is to spread the word, increase membership, educate and update our readership. We look forward to your input and would like to invite you to suggest timely topics or suggest a focus for future issues.

Please forward suggestions to any member of the Publications Committee or Kristy Radcliffe the SAS Executive Director.

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The SAS Publications Committee

Jeffrey Goldstein - Chair
Choll Kim
James Yue
Jean Charles Le Huec
Christopher Bono
Federico Girardi