# 615 Range of Motion and Centers of Rotation with the 6 Degrees of Freedom Viscoelastic LP-ESP Lumbar Disc Prosthesis: A 5 Years Prospective Study in 76 Patients

General Session: Cervical Motion Preservation

Presented by: J.Y. Lazennec - View Abstract


J.Y. Lazennec(1), J.P. Rakover(2), O. Ricart(3), S. Ramare(2), M.A. Rousseau(4)

(1) Pitie Hospital UPMC, Orthopedic Surgery, Paris, France
(2) Clinique du Pre, Orthopedic Surgery, Le Mans, France
(3) Kirchberg Hospital, Orthopedic Surgery, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
(4) Beaujon Hospital, Orthopedic Surgery, Clichy, France