# 369 Surgery for Spinal Tuberculosis: A Multi-center Experience of 621 Case

General Session: Tumor, Trauma, and Infection

Presented by: M.S. Alam - View Abstract


M.S. Alam(1), K. Phan(2), M.R. Karim(1), S.A. Jonayed(1), H.K. Md. Munir(3), A. Ripon(1), S. Chakraborty(1), T. Alam(3)

(1) National Institute of Traumatology & orthopaedic Rehabilitation (NITOR) , Spine & Orthosurgery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
(2) NeuroSpine Surgery Research Group (NSURG) , Spine & Orthosurgery, Sydney, NSW, Australia
(3) Bangladesh Medical College Hospital, Spine & Orthosurgery, Dhaka, Bangladesh