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ISASS12 Program Committee


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Overall Program Committee Chairs


Jean Charles Le Huec, MD, PhD - France

Overall Program Chairs:

James Yue, MD - USA


Carlos Villanueva, MD, PhD - Spain

Co-Basic Science Chairs:

Lisa Ferrara, PhD - USA


Leonard Voronov, MD, PhD - USA

Clinical Chair:

Robert Gunzburg, MD, PhD - Belgium

MIS Chair:

Richard Assaker, MD, PhD - France

Poster Chair:

Richard Kube, MD - USA

Basic Science Reviewers

Alan Crockard, MD - UK
Donna D. Ohnmeiss, DrMed - USA
George Miz, MD - USA
Jacques Bouchard, MD - Canada
Ken Yonemura, MD - USA
Parmenion Tsitsopoulos, MD, PhD - Sweden
Peter Robertson, MD - New Zealand
Richard Hall, PhD - UK
Avinash Patwardhan, PhD - USA
Boyle Cheng, PhD - USA
Neil Crawford, PhD - USA
Paul Anderson, MD - USA
Robert Havey, BS - USA
Vijay Goel, PhD - USA
William Sears, MD - Australia
Peter McCombe, MD - Australia
Dennis Diangelo, PhD - USA

Clinical Reviewers

Alejandro Reyes-Sanchez, MD - Mexico
Hans Meisel, MD, PhD - Germany
Isador Lieberman, MD - USA
JJ Abitbol, MD - USA
Manabu Ito, MD, PhD - Japan
Matt Scott Young, MD - Australia
Scott Leary, MD - USA
Stefan Hellinger, MD - Germany
Matt Gornet, MD - USA
John Ratliffe, MD - USA
Frank Cammisa, MD - USA
Paulo Ramos, MD - Brazil
Daniel Riew, MD - USA
Tony Castellvi, MD - USA
Choll Kim, MD - USA
Dom Coric, MD - USA
Helton Defino, MD, PhD - Brazil
Marco Brayda-Bruno, MD - Italy


Dr Luiz Pimenta, MD, PhD - Brazil
Pierce Nunley, MD - USA



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