Sagittal Balance Master CourseSagittal Balance Master Course and
Cadaver Lab Agenda

Miami, Florida - January 28-29, 2012

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The Importance of Sagittal Balance and Reconstruction of the Thoracolumbar Spine: Theory and Bioskills Cadaver Course

Presented by:

Co-Chairs: Jean-Charles LeHuec and James J. Yue

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Sagittal Balance Master Course and Cadaver Lab Agenda

DAY 1:

Saturday, January 28, 2012 - Sagittal Balance Course

7:15 am


8:00 am

Welcome - Objectives of the Course

Sagittal balance is a complex topic. In order to understand the concepts, a different type of educational course is needed. This course is modeled on a European program, designed by Professor Jean-Charles LeHuec, teaching at Bordeaux University Medical School, member of the European Education Commission. A comprehensive approach of the balance concept will be presented.

The course is designed to introduce concepts slowly with adequate time for questioning and discussion before moving on to more advanced concepts. There is a ‘hands on’ approach to measuring spinal X-rays - both plain film with grease pencil and retractor and the use of software for digital images. Worldwide specialists very well known will provide their expertise through didactic presentations and clinical cases precisely selected.

The program will also include practical X-ray analysis of clinical cases and workshop approach with breakout sessions to help identify appropriate treatments.


Speakers: Matt Gornet, Russ Nockels, Jean-Charles LeHuec

8:00 am

Clinical Relevance: Literature Review

Adjacent segment is a myth?
Flat Back Deformity and Failed Back
Revision Surgery and Sagittal Imbalance:  A Common Problem?

8:20 am

Introductory Biomechanics of Spinal Balance

Center of Gravity
Imbalance and Compensatory Mechanism

8:35 am

Spinal Imaging of the Spine for Balance Analysis

Standardize Long Standing X-rays: Posture and X-ray Source
EOS System

8:45 am


8:50 am

How to Define Parameters to Analyze the Spinal Balance

Pelvic Parameters: the Pelvic Vertebra

  • Pelvic Parameters and Significance
  • Pelvic Parameter Value: Adult and Pediatric
  • Clinical Case

Breakout Session: Case discussion KEOPS Software Measurement

Spine Parameters

  • Classical Way of Analysis of Sagittal Plan
  • New Way for Sagittal Plan Analysis
  • Sagittal Spine Curvature Value in Asymptomatic Population: 4 shapes

10:00 am

Coffee Break and Open Case Discussion

10:15 am

Correlation between Spine Shape and Pelvic Shape

  • Roussouly’s Classification
  • C7 Plumb Line Importance:
    • SVA
    • Spinal Tilt
    • SSA
  • Consequences in spine disease prevision according to the type.

10:30 am

Complex Sagittal Balance Analysis

Spondylolisthesis with Lysis

  • New Classification: 15mn
  • Consequence for Surgical Treatment
  • Clinical Case Discussion


  • Harmonious Kyphosis
  • Angular Kyphosis
  • Concept of Full Balance Integrated Aanalysis: FBI
  • Clinical Case Dicussion

11:30 am

Breakout session: case discussion KEOPS software measurement



1:00 pm

Complex Sagittal Balance Analysis


  • Analysis
  • Planification for Surgery
  • Surgical Tips and Tricks: Domino Strategy
  • Clinical Case Discussion

Revision surgery

  • Regular Lumbar Failed Back Surgery
    • Case Discussion
  • Failed Deformity Surgery
    • Case Discussion

2:20 - 2:30 pm


Algorithm of Evaluation (FBI) and Consequences for Treatment


DAY 2:

Sunday, January 29, 2012 - Surgical Technique

6:30 am


7:15 am

Depart for Lab

7:45 - 8:00 am

Change into Scrubs


Speakers/Presenters: Ziya Gokaslan, Mike Wang, James Yue, Rolando Garcia, Luiz Pimenta, Russ Nockels

8:00 - 9:00 am 

Osteotomies for Correction of Spinal Deformity

Smith Peterson - Medtronic / Globus / Nuvasive

9:00 - 10:30 am

Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy Technique

Medtronic / Globus / Nuvasive

10:30 - Noon

Total Vertebrectomy Technique

Medtronic / Globus / Nuvasive

12:00 - 1:00 pm 

Lunch with Case Examples (All Faculty)

1:00 - 2:30 pm

Lateral Fusion Techniques

Medtronic / Globus / Nuvasive


Optional, Time Permitting:

2:30 - 4:00 pm


Medtronic / Globus / Nuvasive