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  • ISASS President Jean-Charles LeHuec welcoming the group to the hands-on cadaver lab. width:640;;height:428
  • Class is in session. width:640;;height:428
  • James Yue, MD opening remarks. width:640;;height:428
  • Anthony Yeung, MD. width:640;;height:428
  • Dr. Yeung performing surgical techniques. width:640;;height:428
  • Anthony Yeung. width:640;;height:428
  • Anthony Yeung and Allan Chen, BSE. width:640;;height:428
  • width:640;;height:428
  • Anthony Yeung. width:640;;height:428
  • Anthony Yeung providing instruction on surgical approaches. width:640;;height:428
  • Luiz Pimenta performing surgery. width:640;;height:428
  • Luiz Pimenta and participants in the course. width:640;;height:428
  • Luiz Pimenta. width:640;;height:428
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