Lightning Podiums: Value and Outcomes in Spinal Surgery - Room 801B

#14 Finite Element Study of Vertebrae Defect After Posterior Internal Fixation Removed in Thoracolumbar Compression Fractures
Presenter: Z.-P. Luo - Author(s): X.-D. Cui, W. Zhang, H.-T. Li, G.-D. Chen, H.-L. Yang, Z.-P. Luo
#252 Cost-effectiveness of an Adjunctive Bone-anchored Annular Closure Device versus Conventional Lumbar Discectomy in Treating Lumbar Disc Herniations
Presenter: J. Ammerman - Author(s): J. Ament, Z. Yang, E. Kulubya, W. Hsu, C. Thome, K. Kim
#176 Failed Lumbar Discectomy in High-risk Patients: A Descent into Morbidity, Reoperation and Financial Burden
Presenter: J. Ammerman - Author(s): F. Martens, J. Ament, J. Fandino, The Anular Closure RCT Study Group
#234 Variances in Opiate Use between Patients Implanted with Micron-textured Titanium vs PEEK Implants for TLIF Procedures
Presenter: A. Kranenburg - Author(s): A. Kranenburg, A. Bruggeman, S. Martineck, P. Slosar
#508 The Correlation of Biomechanical Parameters Measured by Balance Analysis with the Functional Parameters Measured by Self-reported Questionnaires in Patients with Adult Degenerative Scoliosis
Presenter: I. Lieberman - Author(s): R. Haddas, I. Lieberman
#190 Thoracolumbar Osteoporotic Vertebral fracture with Delayed-onset Myelopathy: Clinical Presentation and Surgical Outcomes
Presenter: J.-Y. Seo - Author(s): J.-Y. Seo, K.-Y. Ha, Y.-H. Kim, S.-I. Kim
#420 Mortality Rates Following Posterior C1-2 Fusion for Displaced Type II Odontoid Fractures in Octogenarians
Presenter: E. Koh - Author(s): S. Clark, A. Nash, I. Bussey, D. Gelb, E. Koh, K. Banagan, S. Ludwig
#504 The Use of Cell Saver in Spinal Surgery: A Value Based Utilization Analysis
Presenter: K. Jegede - Author(s): K. Jegede, A. Buckland, E. DelSole, P. Zhou, D. Vasquez-Montes, L. Steinmetz, C. Varlotta, N. Frangella, J. Goldstein, J. Bendo
#218 Utility of Mobile Apps for Video Conferencing to Follow Patients at Home after Outpatient Surgery
Presenter: F. Pencle - Author(s): F. Pencle, A. Benny, J. Seale, K. Chin, Less Exposure Surgery Society
#492 Restoring Physical Fitness after Complex Lumbar Spine Surgery: Measuring Activity Levels Starting Three Months Postop
Presenter: M. Rigaud - Author(s): C. Mancuso, M. Rigaud, A. Fong, R. Duculan, F. Cammisa, A. Sama, A. Hughes, D. Lebl, R. Huang, H. Sandhu, F. Girardi
#130 Preoperative PROMIS Score Is Not Predictive of Postoperative Pain Or Narcotics Consumption After Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Presenter: B. Haws - Author(s): B. Haws, B. Khechen, A. Narain, K. Cardinal, J. Guntin, K. Tchalukov, K. Singh
#527 Medical Cost Savings for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Treated with Decompression and Interlaminar Stabilization as an Alternative to Fusion
Presenter: S.-R. Golish - Author(s): V. Bender, K. Fitch, T. Engel, S.R. Golish
#342 Patient Perceptions of Minimally Invasive Versus Open Spine Surgery
Presenter: B. Haws - Author(s): B. Haws, B. Khechen, A. Narain, F. Hijji, K. Cardinal, J. Guntin, M. Colman, K. Singh
#481 The Course of Back Disorders in the Canadian Population: Trajectories and Outcomes
Presenter: R. Rampersaud - Author(s): M. Canizares, R. Rampersaud, E. Badley
#562 The Need to Improve Prediction of Responders and Non-responders in Elective Spine, Hip, and Knee Surgery: A Health-economic Argument
Presenter: R. Rampersaud - Author(s): R. Rampersaud,, K. Sundararajan, A.V. Perruccio, R. Gandhi, J.R. Davey, K. Syed, C. Veillette, N.N. Mahomed
#620 The Relationship between Pain and Patient Activation in Individuals Undergoing Spine Surgery: A Prospective Study
Presenter: X. Hu - Author(s): X. Hu, A. Block, S. Bederman, I. Lieberman
#648 Is the Use of Multimodal Anesthesia for Post-operative Pain Control Effective in Patients Undergoing One or Two Level Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusions with Posterior Percutaneous Pedicle Screw Instrumentation?
Presenter: M. Cabanne - Author(s): M. Cabanne, M. Kardile, K. Majid, C. Kuo, M. Gjolaj, R. Bains
#637 Factors Influencing Extended Hospital Stay in Patients Undergoing Metastatic Spine Tumour Surgery
Presenter: N. Kumar - Author(s): N. Kumar, A.S. Zaw, S. Wong, R.S. Patel, D. Hey, G. Liu
#374 A 90 days post-cervical surgical morbidity and mortality risk factor analysis in over 1000 Asian patients.
Presenter: S.Y.G. Fung - Author(s): G. Liu, J.H. Tan, R.M. Ng, A. Seah, C.Z. Ng, L.L. Lau, D. Hey, J. Ruiz, J. Thambiah, N. Kumar, H.K. Wong