Lightning Podiums: Spinal Potpourri - 803B

#635 A Prospective, Randomized Study Evaluating a Novel, Proprietary, Truss-based Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) Implant Used with Either Crushed Cancellous Allograft Bone or Autologous Bone Marrow Aspirate
Presenter: M. Rauschmann - Author(s): M. Rauschmann, M. Reckert, B. Chatterjee
#141 Patient Profiling Can Identify Spondylolisthesis Patients at Risk for Conversion from Nonoperative to Surgical Treatment
Presenter: P. Passias - Author(s): P. Passias, G. Poorman, J. Lurie, W. Zhao, T. Morgan, S. Horn, C. Bortz, F. Segreto, L. Steinmetz, N. Frangella, S. Bess, V. LaFage, M. Gerling, T. Errico
#392 Lumbar Interbody Fusion Rates in 3D Printed Lamellar Titanium Cages Using a Silicate Substituted Calcium Phosphate Bone Graft
Presenter: M. Mokawem - Author(s): M. Mokawem, R. Lee, C. Harman
#436 Clinical Practice Variation (CPV) in Lumbar Microdiscectomy Informed Consent for Surgery
Presenter: K. Bhanot - Author(s): K. Bhanot, E. Crawford, G. Rosenberg, A. Yee
#151 Relationship between Opioid use and Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Basivertebral Nerve Ablation for Chronic Low Back Pain
Presenter: A. Rhyne - Author(s): A. Rhyne, R. Sasso, A. Patel, W. Hsu, J. Fischgrund, A. Edidin, P. Vajkoczy
#81 Effect of Bone Morohogenic Protein on Postoperative C-Reactive Protein Level Following Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Surgery
Presenter: A. Kasis - Author(s): M. Mawdsley, C. Jensen, A. Kasis
#452 Nose to Back: Nasal Chondrocytes Are a Potential Autologous Cell-transplant Source for Cell Therapy Based Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease
Presenter: M. Gay - Author(s): M. Gay, A. Mehrkens, A. Barbero, I. Martin, S. Schaeren
#319 Traumatic Fractures of the Cervical Spine: Analysis of Changes in Incidence, Etiology, Concurrent Injuries and Complications Among 488,262 Patients from 2005-2013.
Presenter: P. Passias - Author(s): P. Passias, G. Poorman, F. Segreto, C. Jalai, S. Horn, C. Bortz, D. Vasquez-Montes, D. Ge, N. Stekas, B. Diebo, S. Vira, O. Bono, R. De La Garza-Ramos, J. Moon, C. Wang, B. Hirsch, P. Zhou, M. Gerling, H. Koller, V. Lafage
#425 Smoking Is Associated with Increased Development of Musculoskeletal Burden: A Longitudinal Cohort Study from the Midlife Development in the U.S. (MIDUS) Study
Presenter: P. Tamer - Author(s): P. Tamer, J. Du, K. Goon, U. Ahn, N. Ahn
#65 Tethered Cord Syndrome in the United States: Cluster Analysis of Presenting Current Anomalies and Associated Conditions
Presenter: S. Horn - Author(s): S. Horn, G. Poorman, D. Vasquez-Montes, C. Bortz, F. Segreto, L. Steinmetz, N. Stekas, R. de la Garza Ramos, D. Nikas, P. Passias
#146 Chiari Malformation Clusters Describe Differing Presence of Concurrent Anomalies based on Chiari Type
Presenter: S. Horn - Author(s): S. Horn, D. Vasquez-Montes, G. Poorman, F. Segreto, C. Bortz, C. Varlotta, N. Frangella, O. Bono, J. Buza, C.R. Goodwin, P. Passias
#75 The Incidence of Venous Thromboembolism in Patients Undergoing Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion. A Proposed Thromboprophylactic Regime
Presenter: A. Kasis - Author(s): A. Kasis, H. Vint, C. Coe, M. Mawdsley, C. Jensen
#600 Treatment of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis by Percutaneous Endoscopic Interlaminar Decompression
Presenter: J. Zeng - Author(s): J. Zeng
#514 The Effect of Surgical Alignment Surgery on the Muscular Energy Expenditure during Dynamic Balance Test in Adult Degenerative Scoliosis Patients
Presenter: R. Haddas - Author(s): R. Haddas, I. Lieberman
#578 Biomechanical Effects of Lumbar Disc Geometry on Rod Fracture Following L3 Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy: A Finite Element Study
Presenter: A.S. Vosoughi - Author(s): A. Seyed Vosoughi, A. Kiapour, A. Agarwal, V. Goel, J. Zavatsky
#563 Gravity Line and Sagittal Alignment Are Both Risk Factors for Increased Rod Stresses in Long Lumbopelvic Fixation – A Biomechanics Study
Presenter: W. Cho - Author(s): W. Cho, W. Wang, B. Bucklen
#174 Biomechanical Implications of Complete Bilateral Facetectomy, Partial Bilateral Facetectomy, and Unilateral Facetectomy in Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Interbody Fusions
Presenter: L. Snyder - Author(s): L. Snyder, J. Lehrman, R. Menon, J. Godzik, A. Newcomb, B. Kelly
#414 Relationship between Thoracolumbar Alignment and Lower Limb Alignment
Presenter: J. Elysee - Author(s): J. Elysee, R. Lafage, S. Pesenti, J. Varghese, J. Moon, P. Zhou, J. Tishelman, B. Beaubrun, D. Vasquez-Montes, T. Protopsaltis, T. Errico, A. Buckland, F. Schwab, V. Lafage
#350 Fixation of the Sacroiliac Joint: A comparative anatomical analysis of the Lateral and Posterolateral Trajectories
Presenter: B. Cheng - Author(s): D. Cook, C. Payne, M. Yeager, G. Schmidt, M. Oh, B. Cheng, D. Lindsey, S. Yerby
#189 Coupled Translational Movements of the Sacroilliac Joint: An In-vitro Study
Presenter: K. Odeh - Author(s): K. Odeh, B. Taylor, C. Purviance, G. Gajudo, J. Leasure, D. Kondrashov