General Session: Value and Outcomes in Spine Surgery - Hall F

#188 Risk Factors for Perioperative and Postoperative Complications after Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Presenter: B. Khechen - Author(s): B. Haws, B. Khechen, A. Narain, F. Hijji, K. Cardinal, J. Guntin, K. Singh
#429 A General Population Utility Valuation Study for Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression
Presenter: M. Pahuta - Author(s): M. Pahuta, J. Werier, E. Wai, D. Coyle
#247 Identifying Sources of Improvement of Axial Pain in Corrective Cervical Deformity Surgery
Presenter: N. Stekas - Author(s): P. Passias, G. Poorman, S. Horn, B. Diebo, F. Segreto, C. Bortz, L. Steinmetz, D. Ge, E. Klineberg, C. Shaffrey, V. Lafage, T. Protopsaltis, C. Ames, J. Smith, G. Mundis, B. Neuman, R. Hart0), D. Burton), International Spine Study Group
#241 Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Instruments Outperform Traditional Quality of Life Measures in Patients with Back and Neck Pain
Presenter: N. Stekas - Author(s): D. Vasquez-Montes, J. Tishelman, D. Jevotovsky, R. Karia, N. Stekas, C. Bortz, C. Fischer, A. Buckland, T. Errico, T. Protopsaltis
#545 The Absence of Compelling Superiority Evidence in Investigational Device Spine Studies: Raising the Bar in an Era of Limited Health Care Resources
Presenter: A. Araghi - Author(s): J. Batts, A. Araghi
#38 Improvement in Ames-ISSG Cervical Deformity Classification Modifier Grades Correlate to Clinical Improvement and Likelihood of Reaching MCID in Multiple Metrics: Series of 73 Patients with 1 Year Follow-up
Presenter: S. Horn - Author(s): S. Horn, P. Passias, R. Lafage, J. Smith, G. Poorman, B. Diebo, C. Bortz, F. Segreto, R. Hart, D. Burton, C. Shaffrey, D. Sciubba, E. Klineberg, T. Protopsaltis, F. Schwab, S. Bess0), V. Lafage, C. Ames), International Spine Study Group
#125 Cost-utility Analysis of Lumbar Visco-elastic Total Disc Replacement versus Lumbar Dorsal, Ventral, and Dorso-ventral Spondylodesis
Presenter: B. Rischke - Author(s): B. Rischke, E. Rischke, J.Y. Lazennec
#518 The Effect of Preoperative Medications on Length of Stay, Inpatient Pain, and Narcotics Consumption Following Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Presenter: J. Guntin - Author(s): B. Haws, B. Khechen, J. Guntin, K. Cardinal, A. Wiggins, K. Singh
#4 The Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9): An Aid to Assessment of Patient-reported Functional Outcomes After Spinal Surgery
Presenter: R. Knight - Author(s): A. Tuck, M. Scribani, S. Grainger, C. Johns, R. Knight
#56 Drivers of Cervical Deformity Have a Strong Influence on Achieving Optimal Radiographic and Clinical Outcomes at 1 Year Following Cervical Deformity Surgery
Presenter: C. Bortz - Author(s): P. Passias, S. Horn, G. Poorman, A. Daniels, K. Hamilton, H. Kim, D. Sciubba, J. Smith, B. Neuman, N. Stekas, C. Bortz, F. Segreto, L. Steinmetz, B. Diebo, C. Shaffrey, V. Lafage, R. Lafage, T. Protopsaltis, C. Ames, R. Hart0), G. Mundis), R. Eastlack), International Spine Study Group
#120 Comparison of the Incidence of Fusion in ALIF Procedures between BMP-2/Allograft and Iliac Crest Autograft/Allograft
Presenter: A. Kasis - Author(s): A. Kasis, D. Rahul, C. Jensen
#20 A Comparative Analysis of Radiographic Parameters in Lumbar Fusion Techniques
Presenter: D. Park - Author(s): D. Park, S. Ahquist, H. Park, A. Shamie