General Session: Tumor, Trauma, Infection - Hall F

#196 Predictive Factors for Survival in a Surgical Series of Metastatic Epidural Spinal Cord Compression: A Prospective North American Multi-centre Study in 142 patients
Presenter: A. Nater - Author(s): A. Nater, L.A. Tetreault, B. Kopjar, P.M. Arnold, M.B. Dekutoski, J.A. Finkelstein, C.G. Fisher, J.C. France, Z.L. Gokaslan, L. Rhines0), P.S. Rose), A. Sahgal, J.M. Schuster), A.R. Vaccaro), M.G. Fehlngs)
#554 Multi-level Vertebrectomy for Refractory Spondylodiscitis: Clinical Outcomes in 56 Patients
Presenter: E. Koh - Author(s): N. Ackshota, I. Bussey, A. Nash, K. Banagan, E. Koh, S. Ludwig, D. Gelb
#199 Reduction in Surgical Site Infection with Suprafascial Intrawound Application of Vancomycin Powder in Instrumented Posterior Spinal Fusion: A Retrospective Case-control Study
Presenter: R. Schär - Author(s): S. Haimoto, R. Schär, Y. Nishimura, M. Hara, T. Wakabayashi, H. Ginsberg
#467 Meta-analysis of Risk Factors Associated with Surgical Site Infection after Spinal Arthrodesis
Presenter: T. Pannu - Author(s): S. Pesenti, T. Pannu, J. Andres Bergos, J. Smith, S. Glassman, F. Pellise, M. de Kleuver, D. Sciubba, V. Lafage, F. Schwab
#451 MEP Monitoring versus D-wave Monitoring in Spinal Cord Tumor Surgery
Presenter: S. Yi - Author(s): S. Yi, J. Kang
#54 The Epidemic of Metastatic Spinal Disease: National Trends in Prevalence and Surgical Management
Presenter: S. Horn - Author(s): S. Horn, G. Poorman, J. Tishelman, N. Stekas, N. Frangella, F. Segreto, J. Moon, O. Behery, N. Shepard, B. Diebo, S. Vira, P. Passias
#343 The Prevalence of Occult Bacteria in Patients Undergoing Primary Spine Surgery
Presenter: C. Dowe - Author(s): C. Dowe, A. Brecevich, T. Callanan, D. Lebl, F. Cammisa, C. Abjornson
#185 Inpatient Pain and Narcotics Utilization Based on Preoperative PHQ-9 Scores after Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Presenter: K. Cardinal - Author(s): B. Haws, B. Khechen, A. Narain, F. Hijji, K. Cardinal, J. Guntin, J. Markowitz, K. Singh
#625 A Novel Approach for the Intraoperative Detection of Acute C5 Nerve Root Palsies
Presenter: J.W. Silverstein - Author(s): J.W. Silverstein, M.J. Goldstein, N.P. Shah, D. Porter, R. Madhok, J.F. Harrington, Jr., S.K. Basra
#636 Is Salvaged Blood Transfusion Appropriate in Metastatic Spine Tumour Surgery? A Prospective Clinical Study
Presenter: N. Kumar - Author(s): N. Kumar, J. Tan, D. Sonnawane, R. Patel, R. Nivetha