General Session: Adult Spinal Deformity - Hall F

#292 Bone Marrow Concentration vs. Iliac Crest Bone Graft: 2-Year Results in a Single-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial on Thoracolumbar Spinal Fusion Bone Grafts in Multi-Level Adult Spinal Deformity
Presenter: P. Passias - Author(s): P. Passias, G. Poorman, S. Horn, C. Jalai, C. Bortz, F. Segreto, D. Ge, C. Varlotta, N. Worley, S. Yang, C. Poorman, J. Buza, A. Boniello, A. Lee, S. Vira, B. Diebo, V. Lafage, F. Schwab, T. Protopsaltis, T. Errico
#304 Predictive Model for Distal Junctional Kyphosis After Cervical Deformity Surgery
Presenter: P. Passias - Author(s): P. Passias, D. Vasquez-Montes, G. Poorman, T. Protopsaltis, S. Horn, B. Diebo, C. Bortz, F. Segreto, D. Ge, C. Varlotta, C. Ames, J. Smith, V. Lafage, R. Lafage, E. Klineberg, C. Shaffrey, S. Bess, F. Schwab, International Spine Study Group
#470 Pelvic Compensation in Sagittal Malalignment: How Much Retroversion Can the Pelvis Accommodate?
Presenter: V. Lafage - Author(s): G. Beyer, M. Khalifé, R. Lafage, J. Moon, P. Zhou, J. Tishelman, D. Vasquez-Montes, T. Errico, A. Buckland, F. Schwab, V. Lafage
#249 Prospective Multicenter Analysis of Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes Following Surgical Correction of Patients with Moderate to Severe Cervical Deformities and Horizontal Gaze Disruption
Presenter: N. Stekas - Author(s): T. Protopsaltis, S. Ramchandran, J. Tishelman, N. Stekas, N. Frangella, J. Smith, D. Sciubba, P. Passias, R. Lafage, E. Klineberg, V. Lafage, R. Hart, D. Burton, C. Shaffrey, F. Schwab, C. Ames, International Spine Study Group
#308 The Influence of BMI on Achieving Age Adjusted Alignment Goals in Adult Spinal Deformity Corrective Surgery with Full Body Analysis at 1 Year
Presenter: P. Passias - Author(s): P. Passias, F. Segreto, S. Horn, C. Bortz, D. Vasquez-Montes, G. Poorman, L. Steinmetz, D. Ge, P. Zhou, B. Diebo, J. Moon, J. Tishelman, A. Sure, B. Beaubrun, S. Vira, C. Jalai, J. Buza, C. Wang, V. Lafage, T. Protopsaltis, A. Buckland, T. Errico
#541 Biomechanical Assessment of Multi-rod Instrumentation Techniques Following Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy: A Finite Element Study
Presenter: A.S. Vosoughi - Author(s): A. Seyed Vosoughi, A. Kiapour, A. Agarwal, V. Goel, J. Zavatsky
#48 Perioperative Adverse Events in Adult and Pediatric Spine Surgery: A Prospective Cohort Analysis of 364 Consecutive Patients
Presenter: A. Lovi - Author(s): A. Lovi, L. Babbi, G. Ristori, S. Razza, A. Luca, M. Brayda-Bruno, Spine Care Group
#509 The Correlation of Scoliosis Research Society Questionnaires with Biomechanical Parameters Measured by with Gait and Balance Analyses in Patients with Adult Degenerative Scoliosis
Presenter: I. Lieberman - Author(s): R. Haddas, I. Lieberman
#205 From Degenerative to Deformity: Are we Doing Enough to Restore Sagittal Balance in Short Segment Fusions?
Presenter: K. Jegede - Author(s): K. Jegede, J. Tishelman, G. Poorman, N. Stekas, L. Steinmetz, P. Passias, T. Errico, A. Buckland, T. Protopsaltis
#298 Clinical and Radiographic Presentation and Treatment of Patients with Cervical Deformity Secondary to Thoracolumbar Proximal Junctional Kyphosis are Distinct Despite Achieving Similar Outcomes: Analysis of 123 Prospective CD Cases
Presenter: P. Passias - Author(s): P. Passias, S. Horn, G. Poorman, A. Daniels, D.K. Hamilton, H.J. Kim, C. Bortz, F. Segreto, D. Ge, N. Frangella, B. Diebo, D. Sciubba, J. Smith, B. Neuman, C. Shaffrey, R. Lafage, V. Lafage, C. Ames, R. Hart, G. Mundis0), R. Eastlack0), F. Schwab, International Spine Study Group
#322 Radiographic Analysis of Coronal and Sagittal Alignment Correction after a Strategic Staged Surgical Protocol for CMIS Correction of ASD
Presenter: N. Anand - Author(s): N. Anand, B. Khandehroo, S. Kahwaty, C. Kong, E. Nomoto
#409 Pre-Operative Extension Lateral Cervical Radiographs are Associated with Osteotomy Type, Approach and Post-Operative Cervical Alignment Following Cervical Deformity Surgery
Presenter: E. Zgonis - Author(s): E. Klineberg, R. Lafage, E. Zgonis, V. Lafage, M. Gupta, P. Passias, J. Smith, H.J. Kim, D. Burton, G. Mundis, F. Schwab, R. Hart, C. Shaffrey, C. Ames, International Spine Study Group
#499 Progression of Spinopelvic Parameters in Patients with Thoracolumbar Adult Spinal Deformity: A 2 Year Longitudinal Follow up
Presenter: S.Y.G. Fung - Author(s): G. Liu, J.H. Tan, S.Y.G. Fung, K. Chan, H.-K. Wong
#134 The Utility of Gait Analysis in Patients with Symptomatic Adult Degenerative Scoliosis
Presenter: I. Lieberman - Author(s): R. Haddas, I. Lieberman
#210 Increased Fall Rate and Fall Risk in Adult Spinal Deformity Patients is Associated with Sagittal Alignment Parameters
Presenter: J. Godzik - Author(s): J. Godzik, R. Mauria, R. Hlubek, C. Walker, A. Whiting, U. Kakarla, J. Turner