Oral Posters: Thoraco-lumbar Degenerative

#464 Intraradicular and Dorsal Epidural Enhancement in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Patients on Gadolinium-Enhanced MRI with Fat Suppression - Is the Grading of Spinal Stenosis Possible ?
Presenter: Y.J. Jin - Author(s): Y.J. Jin
#688 Demographics, Mechanisms of Injury and Concurrent Injuries Associated with Thoracic Spine Injuries: A Study of 70,382 Patients
Presenter: N. Anandasivam - Author(s): N. Anandasivam, N. Ondeck, A. Samuel, D. Bohl, J. Grauer
#376 Factors Affecting Patient Activation in Individuals Undergoing Spine Surgery: A Prospective Study
Presenter: X. Hu - Author(s): X. Hu, A. Block, S. Bederman, I. Lieberman
#179 Inpatient Pain Scores and Narcotic Utilization Based on American Society of Anesthesiologists Score after Cervical and Lumbar Spinal Fusion
Presenter: A. Narain - Author(s): A. Narain, F. Hijji, W. Long, K. Yom, K. Kudaravalli, N. Shoshana, K. Singh
#697 Optimal Cement Dosage and Configuration for Prophylactic Vertebroplasty Above Long Thoracolumbar Fusion Constructs to Reduce Proximal Junction Kyphosis (PJK): A Finite Element Model
Presenter: J. Zavatsky - Author(s): D. Briski, J. Zavatsky, R. McGuire
#491 Annular and Periannular Epidural Venous Plexus Enhancement on a Gadolinium-enhanced MRI with Fat Suppression – Significance in Diagnosis of Lumbar, Buttock, and Leg Pain - The Localization of Discogenic Pain Site
Presenter: Y.J. Jin - Author(s): Y.J. Jin
#634 The Incidence of Postoperative Sagittal Imbalance after Varying Forms of Lumbar Fusion
Presenter: O Tannous - Author(s): O. Tannous, N. Nabizadeh, B. Nguyen, V. Zlomislic, S. Garfin, R.T. Allen
#299 What Is the Role of Epidural Steroid Injections in Lumbar Spinal Disease with Moderate Disability?
Presenter: J-Y Hong - Author(s): J.-Y. Hong, S.-W. Suh, J.-H. Yang, S.-W. Han
#338 Variations of Lumbopelvic Alignment in Standing, Seated and Slumped Postures in a Cohort of Asymptomatic Adults: Implications for Lumbar Fusion Surgery
Presenter: A. Patwardhan - Author(s): A. Patwardhan, F. Jabbour, R. Havey, S. Khayatzadeh, J.-C. Le Huec, E. Cohen, L. Lomasney, A. Faundez, L. Voronov
#703 Increasing Pelvic Incidence Recruits Upper Lumbar Levels into the Lordotic Curve - A Radiographic Analysis of Standing Lumbopelvic Balance in Asymptomatic Subjets
Presenter: A. Patwardhan - Author(s): A. Patwardhan, S. Khayatzadeh, A. Faundez, R. Havey, G. Carandang, L. Voronov, J.C. Le Huec
#481 Trans-sacral Epiduroscopic Laser Decompression (SELD) for the Treatment of Symptomatic Lumbar Disc Herniations (LDH): Single Center Experience of Clinical and Radiologic Results In Minimum 12-months Follow-up
Presenter: H-J Cho - Author(s): J.-W. Hur, K.-S. Ryu, J.-S. Kim, J.-H. Seong, H.-J. Cho
#695 Maintenance of Competence to Practice Spine Surgery: Do We Know How Many Cases Are Required?
Presenter: J. Zigler - Author(s): J. Zigler, R. Guyer
#238 Individual Collagen Fibril Thickening and Stiffening of Annulus Fibrosus in Degenerative Intervertebral Disc
Presenter: Z-P Luo - Author(s): T. Liang, L.-L. Zhang, W. Xia, H.-L. Yang, Z.-P. Luo
#190 The Long-term Sustainability of 2-level Interlaminar Stabilization and 2-Level Fusion when Compared to Respective 1-level Procedures
Presenter: S. Grinberg - Author(s): S. Grinberg, R. Simon, C. Dowe, F. Cammisa, C. Abjornson
#165 The Extent of Lumbar Decompression and its Effect on Postoperative Morbidity
Presenter: P. Maloney - Author(s): P. Maloney, D. Shepherd, M. Murphy, B. Mccutcheon, E. Habermann, D. Ubl, P. Kerezoudis, M. Bydon
#506 Complexities of Physical and Psychosocial Variables Independently Contribute to Resource Utilization after Lumbar Surgery
Presenter: R. Duculan - Author(s): C.A. Mancuso, R. Duculan, F.P. Cammisa, A.A. Sama, A.P. Hughes, D.R. Lebl, F.P. Girardi
#635 3D Morphologic Assessment of Normal and Abnormal Si Joints and the Implications in the Development of Pain Syndromes
Presenter: C. Kleck - Author(s): C. Kleck, M. Jesse, D. Illing, A. Williams, B. Petersen, K. Milligan, D. Glueck, K. Lind, V. Patel
#279 The Effect of Smoking Status on Inpatient Pain Scores Following Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Presenter: F. Hijji - Author(s): F. Hijji, A. Narain, B. Mayo, D. Massel, K. Yom, K. Kudaravalli, K. Singh
#620 Predicting Sagittal Alignment Restoration Using Modern Interbody Technique
Presenter: A. Richter - Author(s): A. Richter, J. Deckey, C. Borges, J. Smith
#384 Surgery for Degenerative Conditions of the Lumbar Spine in Parkinson’s Disease – Comparative Analysis from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample Database
Presenter: G. Poorman - Author(s): J.F. Baker, S. McClelland, III, B.G. Line, J.S. Smith, H. Gold, R.A. Hart, C.P. Ames, S. Bess