General Session: Value and Outcomes in Spine Surgery

#155 Spinal Surgeon Variation in Single-level Cervical Fusion Procedures: A Cost and Hospital Resource Utilization Analysis
Presenter: F. Hijji - Author(s): F. Hijji, D. Massel, B. Mayo, A. Narain, K. Kudaravalli, R. Burke, J. Canar, K. Singh
#284 Case Type, Length of Stay and Comorbidities┬┤ Affect on Medicare DRG Reimbursement on Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) for Spinal Deformity
Presenter: N. Anand - Author(s): P. Nunley, R. Fessler, P. Park, J. Zavatsky, G. Mundis, J. Uribe, R. Eastlack, D. Chou, M. Wang, N. Anand, A. Kanter, C. Shaffrey), P. Mummaneni, International Spine Study Group
#118 Does Clinical Improvement of Symptomatic Degenerative Lumbar Disease Impact Obesity?
Presenter: J. Joseph - Author(s): J. Joseph, Z. Farooqui, B. Smith, E. Kahn, F. La Marca, P. Park
#125 Patient Knowledge Regarding Radiation Exposure from Spinal Imaging
Presenter: K. Singh - Author(s): D. Bohl, F. Hijji, A. Narain, D. Massel, B. Mayo, K. Kudaravalli, K. Yom, B. Manning, P. Louie, J. Ahn, K. Singh
#624 An Evaluation of Standardized Bundles to Reduce Surgical Site Infections among Spine Patients
Presenter: D. Ou-Yang - Author(s): E. Burger, M. Sandoval, D. Ou-Yang
#375 The Effect of Surgeon Volume on Complications, Length of Stay and Costs following Anterior Cervical Fusion
Presenter: K. Singh - Author(s): B. Basques, P. Louie, B. Mayo, D. Massel, J. Guzman, D. Bohl, A. Narain, F. Hijji, K. Singh
#592 Does the Addition of either a Lateral or Posterior Interbody Device to Posterior Instrumented Lumbar Fusion Decrease Cost over a 6 Year Period?
Presenter: S. Koutsoumbelis - Author(s): P. Schadler, P. Derman, J. Shue, S. Koutsoumbelis, L. Lee, H. Do, A.A. Sama, F.P. Girardi, F.P. Cammisa, A.P. Hughes
#477 Maximizing Operating Room Efficiency in Spine Surgery: A Process of Tray Consolidation, Instrument Standardization and Cost Savings
Presenter: J. Abrams - Author(s): J. Abrams, M. Dekutoski, N. Chutkan