General Session: Spinal Innovation

#567 Ultrasonographic versus EMG Properties of the Lumbar Plexus via a Lateral Retroperitoneal Surgical Approach: A Live Human Validation Study
Presenter: K. Singh - Author(s): T. Nguyen, D. Orndorff, S. Myhre, K. Singh, J. Youssef
#424 The Effects of Adjacent Level Osteophytes on Proximal Junctional Kyphosis after Multi-level Thoracolumbar Fusions: Are Osteophytes Protective?
Presenter: O. Tannous - Author(s): O. Tannous, B. Nguyen, S. Garfin, R.T. Allen
#674 5-year Experience with Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods for the Management of Early-onset Scoliosis: Results, Complications and Considerations for Final Treatment
Presenter: G. La Rosa - Author(s): G. La Rosa, L. Ruzzini, S. Sessa, L. Oggiano
#503 Surgical Outcomes of Robotic-Guidance vs. Freehand Instrumentation – A Retrospective Review of 705 Adult Degenerative Spine Patients Operated in Minimally Invasive (MIS) and Open Approaches
Presenter: A. Cannestra - Author(s): T. Sweeney, A. Cannestra, K. Poelstra, S. Schroerlucke
#205 Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion with Stand-alone PEEK Cages with Integrated Screws Compared to an Allograft and Plate Construct
Presenter: P. Louie - Author(s): G. Shifflett, J. Kaikaus, M. Goczalk, B. Basques, P. Louie, F. Phillips
#655 Self-adapting ALIF Cage Restores Sagittal Balance and Improves Functional Outcome. A Prospective Consecutive Study
Presenter: J.C. le Huec - Author(s): J.C. le Huec, F. Jabbour, M. Campana, J. Rigal, A. Cogniet
#40 Comparison of Abrasion and Osseointegration Associated with Titanium Plasma Spray Coated PEEK vs. a Deeply Porous Titanium Scaffold on PEEK
Presenter: R. Guyer - Author(s): R. Guyer, J.-J. Abitbol, D. Ohnmeiss, C. Yao
#532 Implant Osseointegration is Dependent on Implant Topography: Porous PEEK Promotes Superior in vitro and in vivo Osteogenic Response Compared with Micro-textured Titanium
Presenter: J.K. Burkus - Author(s): J.K. Burkus, B. Torstrick, R. Guldberg, K. Gall
#483 Initial Results from a Series of Vertebral Body Replacement Using Patient-specific 3D-printed Polymer Implants in Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy
Presenter: M. Colman - Author(s): M. Colman, J.-E. Loret, E. Lioret
#113 Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain via Ablation of the Basivertebral Nerve: Results of the SMART Trial
Presenter: J. Fischgrund - Author(s): J. Fischgrund, H. Bae, M. Schaufele, R. Sasso, J. Franke, P. Yuan
#353 Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion (LLIF) at L4/L5: Can Angled Instrumentation Overcome the Challenges of a High Iliac Crest?
Presenter: C. Hill - Author(s): C. Hill, K.B. Strenge, R. DenHaese, C. Ferry, B. Ventimiglia, T. Glorioso, K. Martin, S. Martineck