General Session: Cervical Motion Preservation

#214 A MRI Characterization of the Dorsal Cervical Cord Migration Behaviour in Laminectomy versus Hybrid Open-door Laminoplasty
Presenter: J.H. Ng - Author(s): J.H. Ng, G. Liu, J.Y.W. Tan, H.K. Wong
#715 Cervical Disc Arthroplasty in the Management of Cervical Myelopathy - Long Term Follow up
Presenter: P. Karpe - Author(s): P. Karpe, S. Khan, G. Reddy, C. Bhatia, T. Friesem
#618 Motion Preservation and the Incidence of Subsequent Surgical Intervention after Treatment with the Selectively Constrained SECURE®-C Cervical Artificial Disc
Presenter: J. McConnell - Author(s): J. McConnell, J. Lindley, C. Tomaras, D. McKee, K. Baker
#660 Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes for the M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc: 1 Year Follow-up at Five IDE Investigation Centers for a Novel Design Six Degree of Freedom Prosthesis
Presenter: F. Phillips - Author(s): F. Phillips, R. Sasso, D. Coric, R. Guyer, A. Sama, F. Cammisa, S. Blumenthal, T. Albert, J. Zigler
#664 Clinical Outcomes and Incidence of Revision in Multi-level Cervical Total Disc Replacement Compared to Cervical Hybrid Constructs at 2 Year Follow-up
Presenter: M. Scott-Young - Author(s): M. Scott-Young, L. McEntee, S.M. Lee, I.-M. Luukkonen
#269 Presenting Symptoms and Radiographic Features of Patients Undergoing Revision Surgery for Cervical Pseudarthrosis: A Case Series
Presenter: J. Kim - Author(s): R. Merrill, S. Overley, J. Kim, J. Dowdell, S. Qureshi, S. Cho
#633 Comparison of Outcomes after CDA in an Ambulatory Surgery Center vs. Hospital Setting
Presenter: M.F. Gornet - Author(s): M.F. Gornet, R. Wohns, J. Billinghurst, D. Brett, R. Kube
#391 Prevalence, Progression and Clinical Implications of Heterotopic Ossification after Cervical Disc Arthroplasty at 7 Years
Presenter: P. Nunley - Author(s): P. Nunley, D. Cavanaugh, E. Kerr, A. Utter, K. Frank, M. Stone
#364 Bony Remodeling at Implanted Vertebrae Following Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement
Presenter: S.B. Park - Author(s): S.B. Park, C.K. Chung, C.H. Kim
#198 The Impact of Local Steroid Application on Dysphagia Following an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion: Preliminary Results of a Prospectively, Randomized, Single Blind Trial
Presenter: K. Yom - Author(s): D. Massel, B. Mayo, J. Ahn, D. Bohl, F. Hijji, A. Narain, K. Yom, K. Kudaravalli, K. Singh
#100 Asia-Pacific Multicenter, Prospective, Randomized, Trial Comparing Arthroplasty vs. Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion in the Treatment of Symptomatic Cervical Disc Degeneration
Presenter: J. Zigler - Author(s): J. Zigler, Z.J. Liu, C.C. Niu, C.-K. Park, C.K. Park
#536 Impact of Device Type, Treatment Level and Lordotic Angle Correction on Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes 5 Years Following Lumbar Total Disc Replacement
Presenter: J. Zigler - Author(s): J. Zigler
#615 Range of Motion and Centers of Rotation with the 6 Degrees of Freedom Viscoelastic LP-ESP Lumbar Disc Prosthesis: A 5 Years Prospective Study in 76 Patients
Presenter: J.Y. Lazennec - Author(s): J.Y. Lazennec, J.P. Rakover, O. Ricart, S. Ramare, M.A. Rousseau
#551 Range of Motion Preservation Five Years Following Lumbar Total Disc Replacement: Comparison of Treatment Level and Device Type
Presenter: J. Zigler - Author(s): J. Zigler
#92 Five-year Follow-up of a Multicenter Prospective Study with a Viscoelastic Total Disc Replacement in 72 Patients
Presenter: B. Rischke - Author(s): B. Rischke, J.Y. Lazennec
#451 Lumbar Total Disc Replacement by the Lateral Approach – Up to 10-year Follow-up
Presenter: F. Marcelino - Author(s): L. Marchi, R. Amaral, E. Coutinho, J. Nogueira-Neto, L. Oliveira, R. Jensen, N. Faulhaber, F. Marcelino, L. Pimenta
#39 Ten-year Follow-up of Patients Enrolled in the FDA-regulated Trial for Single-level Lumbar Total Disc Replacement: One Site’s Experience
Presenter: R. Guyer - Author(s): R. Guyer, J. Zigler, D. Ohnmeiss
#590 Elastomeric Lumbar Total Disc Replacement: Clinical and Radiological Results with Minimum 84 Months Follow-up
Presenter: L. Pimenta - Author(s): L. Pimenta, L. Marchi, L. Oliveira, J. Nogueira-Neto, E. Coutinho, R. Amaral
#692 Comparison of Single Level Lumbar Surgery: Anterior and Posterior Fusion vs TLIF Procedure vs Single Level Arthroplasty
Presenter: L. Nel - Author(s): L. Nel
#94 Clinical Outcome of Two-level Lumbar Total Disc Replacement: An Analysis of 141 Patients with Minimum 24-month Follow-up
Presenter: R. Guyer - Author(s): R. Guyer, J. Zigler, D. Ohnmeiss
#543 Comparison of Single-level and Multiple-level Outcomes of Total Disc Arthroplasty: 5 Year Results of the M6-L Artificial Lumbar Disc
Presenter: C. Schaetz - Author(s): L. Gössel, C. Schätz, K. Ritter-Lang