#606 An Updated Analysis of Gravity Line with Pelvic and Lower Limb Compensation: Now Where Do we Stand?
Presenter: V. Lafage - Author(s): V. Lafage, I. Obeid, R. Lafage, B. Liabaud, J. Varghese, H. Bao, J. Elysée, L. Day, D. Cruz, S. Ramchandran, S. Bess, T. Protopsaltis, P. Passias, A. Buckland, F. Schwab
#218 Gait Analysis Pre and Post-surgical Intervention in Patients with Symptomatic Adult Degenerative Scoliosis
Presenter: R. Haddas - Author(s): R. Haddas, I. Lieberman
#222 The Correlation of Biomechanical Parameters Measured by Gait Analysis with the Functional Parameters Measured by Self-reported Questionnaires in Patients with Adult Degenerative Scoliosis
Presenter: R. Haddas - Author(s): R. Haddas, S. Aghyarian, I. Lieberman
#599 Upper-most Instrumented Vertebra Mechanical Loading Correlates with the Magnitude of Proximal Junctional Kyphosis in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery
Presenter: J. Elysée - Author(s): J. Elysée, R. Lafage, B. Line, F. Schwab, J. Smith, I. Obeid, R. Hart, J. Gum, C. Ames, G. Mundis, T. Albert, S. Bess, M. Gupta, V. Lafage, International Spine Study Group
#73 T9 versus T10 as the Upper Instrumented Vertebra for Correction of Adult Deformity
Presenter: H.W.D. Hey - Author(s): H.W.D. Hey, K.A. Tan, C.S.E. Neo, E.T.C. Lau, D.A.W. Choong, L.L. Lau, G.K.P. Liu, H.K. Wong
#319 Primary Drivers of Adult Cervical Deformity: Prevalence, Variations in Presentation and Effect of Surgical Treatment Strategies on the Achievement of Post-operative Alignment Goals
Presenter: P. Zhou - Author(s): P. Passias, C. Jalai, V. Lafage, R. Lafage, T. Protopsaltis, S. Ramachandran, S. Horn, A. Sure, P. Zhou, M. Gupta, R. Hart, V. Deviren, A. Soroceanu, J. Smith, F. Schwab, C. Shaffrey, C. Ames, International Spine Study Group
#571 Variations among Human Spine Segments and their Relationships to in vitro Kinematics: A Retrospective Analysis of Experimental Data Including 282 Lumbar Motion Segments from 85 Donor Spines
Presenter: A. Newcomb - Author(s): A. Newcomb, J. Lehrman, B. Kelly, N. Crawford
#257 Biomechanical Evaluation of Unilateral versus Bilateral C1 Lateral Mass-C2 Intralaminar Fixation
Presenter: Y-P Lee - Author(s): Y.-P. Lee, N. Bhatia, M. McGarry, T. Lee
#573 Anatomical Modifications during the Lateral Transpsoas Approach to the Lumbar Spine. The Impact of Vertebral Rotation
Presenter: P. Zhou - Author(s): A. Patel, J. Oh, D. Leven, F. Cautela, D. Chatterjee, Q. Naziri, F. Langella, B. Diebo, C. Paulino
#76 Lumbar Spine Alignment in 6 Common Postures - Insights into Motion Loss and Possible Sequelae following Fusion Based on the Standing Profile of the Spine
Presenter: H.W.D. Hey - Author(s): H.W.D. Hey, C.G. Wong, E.T.C. Lau, K.A. Tan, L.L. Lau, G.K.P. Liu, H.K. Wong