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#516 Multipotential Stromal Cell Numbers and Potency in Cellular Allograft Bone: Comparison with Fresh Age-matched Autograft Bone and Bone Marrow Aspirate
S.A. Boxall(1), T. Baboolal(1), T.A. Moseley(2), R. Cuthbert(1), P.V. Giannoudis(1), D. McGonagle(1), E. Jones(1)
#584 The Effect of Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix and Bone Marrow Aspirate Enriched Scaffold on Posterolateral Lumbar Fusion in a Rabbit Model
P.D. Kiely(1), A.T. Brecevich(1), F.P. Cammisa(1), C. Abjornson(1)