Regular Posters - Cutting Edge Innovations/Non-conventional Therapies

#217 Muscular Volume and Fat Infiltration Parameters of the Spino-pelvic Complex Correlate with HRQOL and Skeletal Malalignment in Adult Spinal Deformity
B. Moal(1,2), S. Liu(1), J. Terran(1), N. Bronsard(1,3), T. Protopsaltis(1), J.-M. Vital(1,4), W. Skalli(1,2), F.J. Schwab(1), V. Lafage(1)
#359 Treatment of Neuropathic Pain by Sensory Nerve Stimulation of the Lumbar Exiting Nerve DRG Using a Percutaneous Transforaminal Approach
A.T. Yeung(1,2), L.T. Perryman(2)
#419 Pediatric Thoracic Volume Modeling for Early Onset Scoliosis: A Validation Study
K. England(1), D. Polly(1), C. Ledonio(1), J. Sembrano(1), B. Akbarnia(2,3), E. Hoggard(4)
#498 Clinical Outcomes of Lumbar Fusion Using a Truss Technology Based Interbody Fusion Cage
C. Carmody(1), D.D. Ohnmeiss(2)
#567 Assessing Laser Fabrication Technology on PEEK Implants: Medical Device Wear Testing; Profilometry
H. Hoskin(1), L. Ferrara(2), L. Detter-Hoskin(3), E. Woods(3), F.E. Livingston(4), T.M. Ganey(5)