391 - Vertebroplasty SOTEIRA: A New Safer and Faster Procedure for the Treat...

#391 Vertebroplasty SOTEIRA: A New Safer and Faster Procedure for the Treatment of Osteoporotic VCFs

MIS Techniques and Outcomes

Poster Presented by: V. Paliotta


V.F. Paliotta (1)
B. Magliozzi (1)
L. Alessandro (1)

(1) Hospital S.Eugenio, Orthopaedics, Roma, Italy


Background: Vertebroplasty SOTEIRA is a new procedure in the treatment of osteoporotic VCFs. Such as in vesselplasty an artificial vessel is used to restore the height of the vertebral body. It has to be filled with bone cement that can penetrate and interdigitate in the vertebral body through some holes positioned in the anterior shaft of the vessel.

Materials and Methods: Since September 2011 through September 2012 19 osteoporotic VCFs and 2 multiple mieloma VCFs have been treated by means of vertebroplasty SOTEIRA; 14 females and 7 males. Mean age was 71 years and mean follow-up 5 months. In 1 patient the vertebroplasty was performed at 2 levels.

Results: All patients recovered without severe complications. No bone cement leakage was seen. Mild back pain was observed in the first days in 3 patients.

Discussion: The vessel has to be positioned just central in the vertebral body, midway anterior-posterior and cephalocaudal after an accurate preparation by means of specific tools . Due to the central positioning, only one vessel is needed.- The holes for the bone cement flowing are located anteriorly so that it is unusual to have some bone cement leakage into the vertebral canal. The bone cement can slowly flow through vessel's pores interdigitating with the bone and increasing osteointegration. Restoration of vertebral body height is ensured by the correct positioning of the vessel.

Conclusion: Vertebroplasty SOTEIRA is a useful technique in the treatment of VCFs. It is safer and faster comparing with other vertebroplasty procedures. Restoration of the vertebral body height is better achieved. More than one level can be treated during the same procedure.