Regular Posters - MIS Techniques and Outcomes

#24 XLIF: A Safe and Effective Technique Performed in the Outpatient Surgical Setting - Preliminary Results
F. Gerold(1), D. Frazier(1)
#26 Bone Graft Delivery to the Prepared Disk Space in MIS T-Lif and L-Lif Procedures: A Problem Solved
J.B. Kleiner(1), E.J. Grimberg(2)
#27 The Relationship between Diskectomy Volume and Bone Graft Insertion Volume in T-Lif Surgical Patients
J.B. Kleiner(1), H.M. Kleiner(2)
#31 Sacroiliac Joint Arthrodesis MIS Technique with Titanium Implants: Report of the First 50 Patients and Outcomes with Minimum 24 Month Follow up
L. Rudolf(1)
#32 MIS Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Fusion in the Context of Previous Lumbar Spine Fusion: 50 Patients with 24 Month Follow up
L. Rudolf(1)
#45 The Factors Associated with Early Relapse after Posterolateral Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy
H.S. Kim(1), S.J. Jeong(1), H.J. Ahn(1), K.H. Jeon(1), W.J. Choi(1), K.T. Kim(1), C.I. Ju(2), S.W. Kim(2), S.M. Lee(2), H. Shin(2), HSSH
#48 Radiofrequency-Kyphoplasty (DFine) versus Conventional Balloon-Kyphoplasty (Medtronic). A Prospective Study with Regard to Efficiency and Safety
A.W. Licht(1)
#61 Can Radiofrequency Kyphoplasty Improve the Pulmonary Function?
R. Pflugmacher(1), R. Bornemann(1), T.R. Jansen(1), K. Kabir(1), D.C. Wirtz(1)
#63 Osteoporotic Compression Fractures: Balloon Kyphoplasty vs RF-kyphoplasty
R. Bornemann(1), T.R. Jansen(2), K. Kabir(1), D.C. Wirtz(1), R. Pflugmacher(1)
#73 The Primary Clinical Results of Low Temperature Plasma Radiofrequency Ablation in Patients with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
N. Kang(1)
#131 Unilateral versus Bilateral Balloon Kyphoplasty for Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures
J. Lin(1), H. Yang(1)
#140 The da Vinci Robotic Surgical Assisted Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion: Technical Development and Case Report
W.C. Peppelman, D.O.(1), W. Beutler, M.D.(1), J. Brooks(1)
#145 Using the Axial MRI View to Determine Feasibility of Lateral Interbody Fusion
Y.-P. Lee(1), B. Zhang(2), J. Attenello(2), A. Dang(3), S. Shridharani(4), R. Decker(5), S.R. Garfin(2)
#159 Kiva Kyphoplasty in Comparison to Balloon Kyphoplasty
R. Pflugmacher(1), L.A. Otten(1), R. Bornemann(1), T.R. Jansen(1), K. Kabir(1), D.C. Wirtz(1)
#168 Osteolysis Following Application of rhBMP-2 for Transpsoas Interbody Fusion of the Lumbar Spine: It Occurrence and Impact on Patient Function and Fusion Rate
R.Q. Knight(1)
#171 Management of Intended Durotomy in Elective Intradural Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
I. Takagi(1), R. Fontes(1), J. O'Toole(1)
#181 The Ability of Neuromonitoring to Detect Neurologic Injury during Lateral Interbody Fusion
Y.-P. Lee(1), J. Gertsch(2), D. Kohanchi(1), R.T. Allen(1), A. Dang(3), S. Garfin(1)
#186 Minimally Invasive SI Joint Fusion for SI Joint Pain: 6 Month Results from the Initial 8 Patients
R.A. Kube(1), A. Blood(1)
#187 Diagnostic Practices for Sacro-iliac Joint Pain and Predicting Success of Surgical Sacro-iliac Joint Stabilization
R.A. Kube(1), A. Blood(1)
#196 Endoscopic Transforaminal Decompression, Interbody Fusion and Pedicle Screw Implantation of the Lumbar Spine A Case Series Report
S.G. Osman(1)
#197 Arthroscopic Disectomy and Interbody Fusion of the Thoracic Spine - A Report of Ipsilateral Two Portal Approach
S.G. Osman(1)
#200 Endoscopic Trans-iliac Approach to L5-S1 Disc and Foramen A Report of Clinical Experience
S.G. Osman(1)
#211 Minimally Invasive Treatment-based Classification of Diseased Lumbar Motion-segment
S.G. Osman(1)
#220 The Learning Curve of Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion Using Pedical Screws and a Translamina Facet Screw Hybrid Fixation
K. Mao(1)
#226 Risk Factors Affecting Length of Stay after MIS TLIF
F.J. Chan(1), A.D. Sharan(2)
#227 What is the Learning Curve for MIS TLIF?
F.J. Chan(1), P. Kadimcherla(1), A.D. Sharan(1)
#234 A Comparative Study on Cage Subsidence Following Standalone Lateral Interbody Fusion
L. Pimenta(1),(2), R. Jensen(1), L. Marchi(1), L. Oliveira(1), E. Coutinho(1), T. Coutinho(1), C. Castro(1), R. Amaral(1)
#271 Clinical and Radiological Consequences of Interbody Cage Subsidence
L. Pimenta(1),(2), R. Jensen(1), L. Marchi(1), L. Oliveira(1), C. Castro(1), E. Coutinho(1), T. Coutinho(1), R. Amaral(1)
#284 Lateral Interbody Fusion for the Treatment of Discogenic Low Back Pain
L. Pimenta(1),(2), R. Jensen(1), L. Marchi(1), L. Oliveira(1), C. Castro(1), E. Coutinho(1), T. Coutinho(1), R. Amaral(1)
#286 Low-grade Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Treated by Stand-alone Lateral Interbody Fusion
L. Pimenta(1),(2), R. Jensen(1), L. Marchi(1), L. Oliveira(1), C. Castro(1), E. Coutinho(1), T. Coutinho(1), R. Amaral(1)
#289 Stand Alone Interbody Fusion through Lateral Approach for Adult Scoliosis Correction: 2 Years Follow up
L. Pimenta(1),(2), R. Jensen(1), L. Marchi(1), L. Oliveira(1), C. Castro(1), E. Coutinho(1), T. Coutinho(1), R. Amaral(1)
#334 The Transforaminal Endoscopic Approach to Painful Degenerative Conditions of the Lumbar Spine
A.T. Yeung(1), San Diego Study Group
#363 Minimally Invasive TLIF with Pedicle Screws for the Treatment of Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Disorders
T. Julien(1)
#391 Vertebroplasty SOTEIRA: A New Safer and Faster Procedure for the Treatment of Osteoporotic VCFs
V.F. Paliotta(1), B. Magliozzi(1), L. Alessandro(1)
#393 Percutaneous Transiliac Approach into L5-S1 for Discectomy and Fusion
W.D. Smith(1),(2), G.M. Christian(1)
#397 Lumbar Fusion: One Year Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes Utilizing the Axial Lumbar Interbody Fusion Device (AxiaLIF)
C.R. James(1), K.L. Bunton(1),(2), E.M. Kiskaddon(1), A.E. Castellvi(2), J.B. Billys(2)
#408 Evaluation of Lumbar Lordosis in Patients Treated with the AxiaLIF 2 Level Implant and Posterior Instrumentation
W.D. Tobler(1), N. Anand(2), M.A. Melgar(3), T.J. Raley(4), R.J. Nasca(5)
#451 Radiographic and Clinical Outcomes in Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion: An Interim Analysis
A.G. Tohmeh(1), M. Tohmeh(1), B. Watson(2), X.J. Zielinski(2)
#457 Minimally Invasive Direct Lateral Approach to the Thoracolumbar Junction: Technique and Clinical Case Series
D. Straus(1), I. Takagi(1), J.E. O'Toole(1)
#460 Graded Infusion of Bone Cement in Balloon Kyphoplasty for Kimmellis Disease
G.L. Wang(1), H.L. Yang(1)
#469 Initial Outcomes from the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS) Prospective Registry
J.A. Sclafani(1),(2), K. Liang(2), C.W. Kim(1)
#495 Retropleural Exposure of T12-L1 and L1-L2 Disk Spaces during Lateral Thoracolumbar Interbody Fusion: Surgical Technique
G.A. Fantini(1), F.P. Girardi(1), A.A. Sama(1), A.P. Hughes(1), F.P. Cammisa, Jr(1)
#500 One Year Successful Outcomes for Novel Sacroiliac Joint Arthrodesis System
D. Sachs(1)
#505 Functional Outcome Analysis of the Instrumental Interbody Fusion for Degenerative Lumbar Spine Problems; Comparison of the Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Technique with Open Spinal Fusion Technique
L. Zeller(1), A. Masoumi(2),(3)
#511 Comparing the Outcomes of Minimally Invasive Transfacet Lumbar Interbody Fusion for Multi-segment versus Single Segment Fusions
A.M. Jackson(1)
#530 The Transforaminal Endoscopic Approach Is Effective for the Treatment of FBSS Caused by Recurrent HNP and Lateral Stenosis
A.T. Yeung(1)
#534 Endoscopically Guided Dorsal Rhizotomy Is More Effective Than Pulsed Radiofrequency Lesioning for Non-discogenic Axial Back Pain
A.T. Yeung(1), Y. Zheng(1)
#528 Direct Visualization of the Lumbar Nerves during Transpsoas Approach to Lateral Interbody Lumbar Fusion Significantly Reduces Nerve Injury and Postoperative Thigh Symptoms
G. Fleischer(1), T. Nguyen(1), J. Kearns(1), M. Bellisle(1)