Regular Posters - Cervical Therapies and Outcomes

#37 Metal Free Cervical Disc Prosthesis: First Clinical Results and MRI Compatiblity
S. Fuentes(1), P. Metellus(1)
#88 Clinical Results of Un-constrained and Semi-constrained Cervical Artificial Disc in C3-C7
C.-H. Kao(1)
#135 Analysis of Influencing Factors of Subsidence and Clinical Outcome in Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Using a Stand Alone Double Cylindrical Cage for Cervical Degenerative Disorders
S.J. Kim(1), S.D. Kim(1)
#156 Visual Estimation of Cervical Spine Range of Motion Can Be Improved with Training
M.L. Webb(1), J.A. Gruskay(1), B.P. Hirsch(1), K.A. Jegede(1), P.G. Whang(1), J.N. Grauer(1)
#204 One-stage Anterior Decompression and Non-structural Bone Grafting and Posterior Fixation for Cervical Facet Dislocation with Traumatic Disc Herniation 21 Cases with Average Twenty-nine Month Follow-up
G. Feng(1), H. Liu(1), L. Li(2)
#206 Application and Clinical Observe of Cervical Arthroplasty Using Mobi-C for Cervicalspondylotic Radiculopathy
D. Jin(1), Q. Li(1), Z. Zhang(1), H. Yan(1), G. Yin(1)
#224 Is it Valuable to Perform Posterior Fixation after Cervical Laminectomy in Younger Aged Patients? A Case Report of Severe Cervical Kyphosis after Laminectomy for Tumor Removal
H.-K. Tsou(1), S.-Y. Chen(1), T.-H. Kao(1)
#250 En Bloc Cervical Laminoplasty Using Trans-laminar Screw (T-laminoplasty): New Procedure of Cervical Laminoplasty
S.E. Lee(1), T.-A. Jahng(1)
#285 Lessons Learned on Cervical Total Disc Replacement after 8 Years Follow-up
L. Pimenta(1),(2), R. Jensen(1), L. Marchi(1), L. Oliveira(1), C. Castro(1), E. Coutinho(1), T. Coutinho(1), R. Amaral(1)
#312 Clinical Result and Motor Function Assessment of Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement with Prodisc-C
Q. Zhou(1)
#315 Prestige Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement: Long Term Follow up
K.A. Pettine(1)
#316 Is the Incidence of Adjacent Level Heterotrophic Ossification Greater in Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion vs. Cervical Total Disk Arthroplasty?
W.E. Neway(1), J. Yue(1)
#320 Computer Assisted Trajectory Planning and its Surgical Outcome for Posterior Atlantoaxial Transarticular Screw Fixation Surgery
D.-M. Lai(1), Y.-H. Wang(1),(2), Y. Kuo(2), Y.-S. Chen(2), J.-L. Wang(2),(3)
#336 The Risk of Facet Joint Breach by Cervical Pedicle Screw (CPS) Placement in the Degenerative Spine
D.-H. Lee(1), H. Noh(1), H.S. Lee(1), J.J. Yang(2), C. Hwang(1), S.K. Cho(3)
#337 Osteogenesis in the Lamina of the Axis after Dome-like Cervical Laminoplasty
J.J. Yang(1), D.-H. Lee(2), H.S. Lee(2), H. Noh(2), G. Barza(2), C. Hwang(2)
#340 The Normal Heights of Disc and Facet Joint Space in Cervical Spine. Radiographic Parameters Based on Plain X-ray and CT in the Korean Population
D.-H. Lee(1), H.S. Lee(1), H. Noh(1), J.J. Yang(2), C. Hwang(1)
#351 Congenital Cervical Stenosis and Pseudoarthrosis Following Anterior Cervical Procedure
J. Belding(1), H. Bohlman(1), J.D. Eubanks(1)
#377 Early Outcomes with the Deformity Correcting Synergy Disc Replacement
K. Yucesoy(1), K.Z. Yuksel(2), M. Yuksel(3), O. Kalemci(1)
#415 Global Cervical Sagittal Alignment, Balance and Segmental Contribution: Radiographic Outcomes of Three and Four Level Disc Replacement with NuNec and Prestige LP Implants
A.J. Berg(1), R.P. Jeavons(1), G. Reddy(1), T. Friesem(1)
#466 What Are Correlated Factors Affecting the Cage Subsidence and Implant Failure in Anterior Cervical Fusion Using Zero-profile Implant?
H.S. Oh(1), B.W. Hwang(1), S.J. Park(1), S.J. Lee(1), S.H. Shin(1), J.H. Cho(1), S.H. Lee(2)
#489 Factors Affecting Large Developed Anterior Subsidence after Standalone Cage Assisted Anterior Cervical Fusion and Changes of Cervical Sagittal Alignment
J.-W. Jang(1), J.-K. Lee(1), S.-H. Kim(1)