Regular Posters - Basic Sciences-Research

#95 In vitro Biomechanical Study to Determine the Range of Motion of a Dynamic Stabilization System with Straight In and Converging Pedicle Screw Insertion Techniques
M. Gundanna(1), M. Moldavsky(2), M. Gudipally(2), S. Khalil(2)
#114 In vitro Biomechanical Study to Quantify Range of Motion: Three Level Rigid, Dynamic Stabilization, and Dynamic Stabilization Combined with Rigid Constructs
J.K. Lee(1), J. Gomez(1), C. Michelsen(1), Y. Kim(1), M. Moldavsky(2), S.R. Chinthakunta(2), S. Khalil(2)
#126 In vitro Biomechanical Study to Quantify Intradiscal Pressure, and Facet Force: Three Level Rigid, Rigid Combined with Dynamic Stabilization, and Dynamic Stabilization Constructs
J.K. Lee(1), J. Gomez(1), C. Michelsen(1), Y. Kim(1), M. Moldavsky(2), S.R. Chinthakunta(2), S. Khalil(2)
#136 Biomechanical Characteristics of Cement/Gelatin Mixture for Prevention of Cement Leakage in Vertebral Augmentation
B. Meng(1), M. Qian(1), Z.X. Zeng(1), S.X. Xia(1), H.L. Yang(1), Z.P. Luo(1)
#148 Facet Joint Response to Elevated Frequency Loading
A. Valdevit(1), E. Noonan(2), H. Sidoti(2), A. Ritter(2), T. Errico(3)
#189 Novel TCP Compares Favorably to Autograft in Posterolateral Fusion: Evaluation in Rabbit and Sheep Models
D.C. Fredericks(1), J.D. Smucker(1), E.B. Peterson(1), B.W. Cunningham(2), N. Hu(2), E. Erbe(3)
#219 Serum Beta-endorphin Changes in Lumbar Facet Syndrome Treated with Radiofrequency Lumbar Facet Denervation A Randomized Controlled Study
H.-K. Tsou(1), T.-H. Kao(1), H.-T. Chen(2), J.C.-C. Wei(3)
#245 Pedicle Screw Hubbing in the Adult and Immature Thoracic Spine: A Biomechanical and Micro-computed Tomography Evaluation
R.W. Tracey(1), D.G. Kang(1), R.A. Lehman(1), A.J. Bevevino(1), R. Gaume(1), H. Paik(1), A.E. Dmitriev(1), L.G. Lenke(2)
#246 The Biomechanical Consequences of Rod Reduction Following Thoracic Ponte Osteotomy and Lumbar Facetectomy
R.W. Tracey(1), D.G. Kang(1), A.J. Bevevino(1), R.A. Lehman(1), R. Gaume(1), J.P. Happel(1), M.D. Helgeson(1), A.E. Dmitriev(1)
#247 Contributions of Transverse Connectors in the Setting of a Thoracic Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy: A Cadaveric Biomechanical Analysis
R.W. Tracey(1), H. Paik(1), R.A. Lehman(1), D.G. Kang(1), J.D. Bernstock(1), M.J. Cardoso(1), A.E. Dmitriev(1)
#266 Pedicle Screw Pullout Strength of Four Different Screw Hole Preparation Techniques
J. Mehta(1), M. Moldavsky(2), K. Salloum(2), B. Bucklen(2), S. Khalil(2)
#270 An in vitro Evaluation of Fracture Reduction Achieved by Two Inflatable Balloon Tamps under Simulated Physiological Load
M. Gordon(1), W. Beutler(2), W.C. Peppelman(2), S.R. Chinthakunta(3), D. O Halloran(3)
#283 Effect of an Outer Sleeve on an Inflatable Balloon Tamp in Terms of Height Restoration under Simulated Physiological Load
M. Gordon(1), W. Beutler(2), W.C. Peppelman(2), S.R. Chinthakunta(3), D. O Halloran(3)
#323 Does Bilateral Facet Screws Provide Similar Stability as a Pedicle Screw System? A Finite Element Study
A. Agarwal(1), A.K. Agarwal(1), V.K. Goel(1)
#330 Comparison of Bilateral Facet Screw with Interspinous Fixation and Stand-alone Interspinous Fixation? A Biomechanical Finite Element Study
A.K. Agarwal(1), V.K. Goel(1), A. Agarwal(1)
#345 Effect of Spondylotic Deformity on Load Sharing on Screws of a Lumbar Fixation Construct: A Biomechanical Study
A. Kiapour(1), J. Aferzon(2), V. Goel(1)
#349 Biomechanical Efficacies of a Flexible Cage Combined with Pedicle Screws with Flexible Rods
Y.H. Kim(1), K.W. Park(2), S.J. Lee(1)
#355 Spine Surgery at an Ambulatory Surgery Center
K.A. Pettine(1)
#366 Reversing the Dehydration Effects of Advanced Glycated Endproducts Accumulation in the Intervertebral Disc
R. Haughton(1), M. Thi(1), A. Sharan(1), N. Granzella(1), S. Tang(2)
#374 Facet Joint Strain Response to Elevated Frequency Loading is Non-linear and Potentially a Predisposition for Low-back Pain
A. Valdevit(1), H. Sidoti(1), E. Noonan(1), A. Ritter(1), T. Errico(2)
#376 Biomechanical Evaluation of the Multi-directional Flexibility Properties of an Interbody Cage with Three Integrated Cancellous Lag Screws in Two-level Cervical Spine Fusion Constructs
B.G. Santoni(1), A. Nayak(1), C.R. James(1), A. Kannan(2), A. Cabezas(1), M. Adu-Lartey(3), A.E. Castellvi(3)
#379 Response of Facet Joint Stiffness to Elevated Loading Frequencies
A. Valdevit(1), R. Chung(1), E. Noonan(1), H. Sidoti(1), T. Errico(2)
#387 Lumbar Intrafacet Bone Dowel Migration
D.J. Cook(1), M.S. Yeager(1), M.Y. Oh(1), B.C. Cheng(1)
#394 Dynamic Fatigue Properties of an Articulating PEEK Interbody Fusion Device Following Operative Level Reconstruction. An In-vitro Human Cadaveric Model
B.W. Cunningham(1), P.C. McAfee(2)
#399 Facet Screws and Interspinous Spacer Fixation Provide Stability Similar to Pedicle Screw-rod System
M.K. Kodigudla(1), A. Agarwal(1), S. Harpreet(1), D. Dhanvin(1), V. Palepu(1), V.K. Goel(1), D. Kirschman(2), L. Felon(2)
#405 Biomechanical Effect of TLIF and Transsacral Threaded Axial Rod on Range of Motion and S1 Screw Loading in a Destabilized L5-S1 Spondylolytic Spondylolisthesis Model
G.D. Fleischer(1), D. Hart(2), A.L. Freeman(3), G. Avidano(4), L.A. Ferrara(5)
#413 In vitro Characterization of the Behaviour of a Novel Low-stiffness Posterior Spinal Implant under Anterior Shear Loading on a Degenerative Spinal Model
A.D. Melnyk(1),(2),(3), J.D. Chak(2),(3), V. Singh(4), A.M. Kelly(5), P.A. Cripton(1),(2),(3), M.F. Dvorak(3),(5), T.R. Oxland(1),(2),(3)
#438 ALIF Graft Load and Kinematic Response in a Dynamic Stabilization Construct
M.S. Yeager(1), D.J. Cook(1), D.M. Whiting(1), B.C. Cheng(1)
#476 The Effects of Vertebroplasty on Endplate Deformation and Fracture in Elderly Female Spines
S. Nagaraja(1), J. Bouck(1), M.L. Dreher(1), S. Gupta(1)
#484 Comparative Biomechanics of a Novel Load Sharing Lumbar Interbody Fusion Device (InterPlate) with the Pedicle Screw System
V. Palepu(1), M. Kodigudla(1), A. Agarwal(1), D. Desai(1), V.K. Goel(1), J. Moran(2)
#488 Evaluation of the Synthetic Calcium Sulfate/B-tricalcium Phosphate Graft Material for Vertebral Body Defect Model Repair
X. Zhu(1), H. Yang(1)
#492 Biomaterials vs Autologous Bone for Spinal Fusion. An in vivo Study
F. Lolli(1), G. Barbanti Brodano(1), K. Martikos(1), T. Greggi(1)
#510 Dynamic Biomechanical Examination of the Cervical Spine Using a Novel Pendulum System
S. Esmende(1), A. Daniels(1), S. Koruprolu(1), D. Paller(1), M. Palumbo(1), J. Crisco(1)
#515 Central And Juxta-endplate Placement of an ALIF Plate: Comparison of Pullout Strength
W. Dajnowicz(1), A. Yang(1), W. Cheng(2), S. Inceoglu(2)
#522 Biomechanical Investigation of a Novel Posterior Neutral Stabilization Spinal System: A Finite Element Approach
P. Maxy(1), J. Prevost(2), S. Vadapalli(2)
#524 Assessment of Neuroforaminal and Canal Dimensions During Cervical Kinematics
R. Havey(1), T. Potluri(1), L. Voronov(2), P. Tsitsopoulos(2), F. Phillips(3), M. Zindrick(2), J. Goodsitt(1), G. Carandang(1), A. Patwardhan(2)