#369 Evaluating the Need for Non-randomized Training Cases: Experience from Patients Treated with the Investigational ACADIA® Device in a Clinical Trial
Presenter: M.P. Lorio - Author(s): J. Youssef, J.J. Regan, T. Briggs, M.P. Lorio, A.D. Tahernia, D. Whiting, S. Webb, K. Baker, J. Myer
#359 Biomechanics of a New Dynamic Lumbar Posterior Stabilizer
Presenter: N.R. Crawford - Author(s): J.F. Zucherman, K. Hsu, L. Perez-Orribo, P.M. Reyes, N.R. Crawford
#444 Freedom Disc vs. ProDisc-L for Treatment of 1-level Lumbar Disc Disease: Results from One Investigative Site of the USA FDA Randomized Clinical Trial
Presenter: H. Bedi - Author(s): H. Bedi, M. Kropf, L.E.A. Kanim, J. Kim, B. Hyun, A. Rasouli, R.B. Delamarter
#309 Shear Loading Response of XLIF Supplemental Fixation in a Cadaveric Spondylolisthesis Model
Presenter: G. Fogel - Author(s): G.R. Fogel, A.W.L. Turner, Z.A. Dooley, G.B. Cornwall
#294 Decreased Bacterial Biofilm Formation and Function Associated with Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Materials Used in Interbody Fusion Cages (IBF) Compared to Titanium and Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)
Presenter: D. Orndorff - Author(s): D. Gorth, S. Puckett, B. Ercan, T.J. Webster, A.A. Patel, R. Lakshminarayanan, J.A. Youssef, D. Orndorff
#157 Radiologic Results of Total Disc Replacement in Lumbar Spine: Experience of Single Institute with Minimum 5-year Follow up
Presenter: J. Hur - Author(s): J.-W. Hur, C.-K. Park, K.-S. Ryu, J.-S. Kim, M.-H. Shin
#332 Single Level Posterior Lumbar Fusion and Decompression for Degenerative Spondylolisthesis-comparison between Pedicle Screws and Spinous Process Fixation - Up to Two Year Follow-up
Presenter: R. Tatsumi - Author(s): R. Tatsumi
#232 Would Resting a Lateral Interbody Cage Across the Ring Apophysis in the Lumbar Spine Mitigate Endplate Violation?
Presenter: J. Zavatsky - Author(s): J.M. Zavatsky, H. Serhan, A.K. Agarwal, M.K. Kodigudla, A. Agarwal, V.P. Goel
#472 Comparison of Fusion Rates of Anterior and Posterior Fusion, Using FRA Supplemented with Posterior Pedicle Screw Instrumentation, with and without rhBMP-2 with a Minimum of 2 Year Follow-up
Presenter: R. Rabbani - Author(s): R. Rabbani, J.G. Bendetson, G. Tepper