#268 Biomechanical Assessment of Anterior Thoracolumbar Instrumentation: A Comparison between a Low Profile Dual Rod System and a Dual Rod System
Presenter: M. Moldavsky - Author(s): M. Gehrchen, S.K. Hegde, M. Moldavsky, S.R. Chinthakunta, M. Gudipally, K. Salloum, B. Bucklen, S. Khalil
#503 Use of Expandable Interbody Spacer for MIS TLIF: Preliminary Radiographic Results of Lordosis Correction at L5-S1
Presenter: J. Sclafani - Author(s): J.A. Sclafani, H. Kang, C.W. Kim
#242 Pulmonary Function Following Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery: Minimum Two Year Follow-up
Presenter: J. Cody - Author(s): R.A. Lehman, D.G. Kang, L.G. Lenke, J.J. Stallbaumer, B.A. Sides, J. Cody
#364 Prediction of Changes in Biomechanical Behavior of the Lumbar Spine Following Alteration of Lordotic Angles Due to Cage Insertion
Presenter: K. Park - Author(s): K.M. Park, S.U. Kuh, K.Y. Lee, S.J. Lee
#158 Lumbopelvic Sagittal Alignment in Patients with Sacroiliac Joint Pain after Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Presenter: J. Hur - Author(s): J.-W. Hur, C.-K. Park, K.-S. Ryu, J.-S. Kim, M.-H. Shin
#477 Incidence, Risk Factors and Characteristics of Proximal Segment Fractures in Posterior Spinal Fusion
Presenter: J. Schreiber - Author(s): F. Taher, D.S. Meredith, D.R. Lebl, J.J. Schreiber, F.P. Cammisa, F.P. Girardi
#514 Temporary Alar Distraction Rods and Sacral Dome Osteotomy in Correcting High Grade Spondylolisthesis: Technique, Complications, and Outcomes
Presenter: J. Patterson - Author(s): J. Patterson, D. Crandall,,
#236 A Novel Real Time in-vitro 360 Degree Bending Protocol for Multi-level Lumbar Spinal Segments
Presenter: B. Kelly - Author(s): C. Bennett, B.P. Kelly
#149 Does Sacral Geometry Affect Biomechanical Behavior and Facet Forces after Total Disc Replacement at the Lumbosacral Junction?
Presenter: S. Robinson - Author(s): S.T. Robinson, R.B. Delamarter, M.T. Svet,M.F. Metzger
#463 Biomechanical Evaluation of S2 Alar Iliac Screws: The Effect of Length and Quad-cortical Purchase as Compared to Iliac Fixation
Presenter: B. Bucklen - Author(s): J.R. O'Brien, W.D. Yu, M. Gudipally, K. Salloum, B. Bucklen, S. Khalil