#432 Exploration of a CT-based Alternative to the Rule of Spence for Assessing Transverse Ligament Integrity
Presenter: N. Rodriguez-Martinez - Author(s): N. Rodríguez-Martínez, L. Perez-Orribo, S. Kalb, D. Malhotra,N. Theodore, N.R. Crawford
#263 Biomechanical Evaluation of a Selectively Constrained Cervical Disc Replacement
Presenter: B. Bucklen - Author(s): T. Daftari, S.R. Chinthakunta, K. Salloum, M. Moldavsky, B. Bucklen
#311 Transoral Atlantoaxial Reduction Plate Internal Fixation for the Treatment of Basilar Invagination Combined with C1-2 Dislocation
Presenter: X. Hong - Author(s): X. Hong, Q.-S. Yin, F.-Z. Ai, M. Xiangyang, J.-H. Wang, Z. Wu, K. Zhang, J. Liu
#373 Adjacent Segment Disease and Cervical Fusion Methods
Presenter: V. Agarwal - Author(s): V. Agarwal, S. Sarafini, K. Knott, M. Haglund
#342 The Fate of Hinge Fracture Following Cervical Open Door Laminoplasty
Presenter: D. Lee - Author(s): D.-H. Lee, H. Kim, H.S. Lee, H. Noh, J.J. Yang, C. Hwang, S.K. Cho
#170 Two-year Patient Outcomes after Single vs. Multi-level Cervical Disc Arthroplasty
Presenter: M. Gornet - Author(s): M.F. Gornet, F.W. Schranck, B.A. Taylor, B. Kopjar
#464 Anatomic Feasibility of C2 Pedicle Screw Fixation: The Effect of Variable Angle Interpolation of Axial CT Scans
Presenter: J. O'Brien - Author(s): L. Burke, A. Ho, T. Wagner, W.D. Yu, J.R. O'Brien
#341 Adjacent Level Radiographic Degenerative Changes Following Single Level Artificial Disc Replacement or ACDF at 5-7 Year Follow-up
Presenter: J. Spivak - Author(s): J.M. Spivak, R.B. Delamarter, D.B. Murrey, J.E. Zigler, M. Janssen, J.A. Goldstein
#297 Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation in the Management of Cervicogenic Headache
Presenter: E. Emara - Author(s): E.E. Emara, M. Alsayed, N. Fahmy
#354 Lateral Mass Screw Fixation in the Cervical Spine: A Systematic Review
Presenter: R. Sasso - Author(s): J.D. Coe, A.R. Vaccaro, A.T. Dailey, R.L. Skolsky, R. Sasso, S.C. Ludwig, E. Brodt, J.R. Dettori