Oral Posters: Cervical Arthroplasty

#370 Global Cervical Sagittal Alignment, Balance and Segmental Contribution: Radiographic Outcomes of One and Two Level Disc Replacement with NuNec and Prestige LP Implants
Presenter: A. Berg - Author(s): R.P. Jeavons, A.J. Berg, C.D. Jensen, G. Reddy, T. Friesem
#142 Randomized Control Trial Comparing Prestige and Nunec Cervical Disc Arthroplasty
Presenter: P. Karpe - Author(s): P. Karpe, B. Purushothaman, A. Berg, G. Reddy, C. Bhatia, T. Friesem
#215 Prospective Clinical Results of 1 Level Cervical Arthroplasty with the Prestige Device: Four Year Results
Presenter: A. Fabrizi - Author(s): A.P. Fabrizi,, L. Schiabello,
#116 Clinical Risk Factors of Heterotopic Ossification Following Cervical Total Disc Replacement: Five-year Clinical and Radiological Follow-up Results
Presenter: Z. Feifei - Author(s): Z. Feifei, S. Yu
#298 Biomechanical Testing of the Mobi-C® Cervical Artificial Disc
Presenter: H. Bae - Author(s): H.W. Bae, J. Beaurain, P. Bernard, D. Thierry, J.-M. Fuentes, A. Hovorka, J. Huppert, A. Jodaitis, K. Kim, R. Rashbaum0, J.-P. Steib, J.-M. Vital
#537 ProDisc®-C Nova total disc replacement – 2 year follow up
Presenter: R. Bertagnoli - Author(s): R. Bertagnoli
#385 Clinical Outcomes for a Novel Compressible Core Cervical Total Disc Replacement: 3.5 Year Follow-up
Presenter: C. Lauryssen - Author(s): C. Lauryssen, D. Coric, T.A. Dimmig
#112 Trends in Complications after Cervical Spine Surgery from 2002-2009
Presenter: K. Singh - Author(s): M. Pelton, S.J. Fineberg, M. Oglesby, K. Singh, A. Patel
#389 Does Preservation of Motion in the Cervical Spine after Treatment with the SECURE-C Artificial Disc Result in Fewer Subsequent Surgical Interventions?
Presenter: J. McConnell - Author(s): J. McConnell, W.J. Beutler, W.C. Peppelman, J. Marzluff, J. Highsmith, J. Lindley, K. Baker, J. Myer