General Session: What's New in Biologics and Biomechanics

#173 Association of Telomerase Expression with Recurrence of Sacral Chordoma
Presenter: Z. Luo - Author(s): H. Hu, H.L. Yang, Z.X. Zeng, J. Lu, K.W. Chen, Y.H. Qiu, W. Liu, Z.P. Luo
#381 Does Medication Routinely Used for Discography Influence Intervertebral Disc Biology?
Presenter: M. Ogon - Author(s): C. Eder, A. Pinsger, S. Schildböck, M. Ogon
#155 Bone Marrow Aspirate from the Vertebral Body: The Effect of Temperature, Media, and Time on Nucleated Cell Survival
Presenter: M. Webb - Author(s): M.L. Webb, R. Badrinath, J.W. Hustedt, J.N. Grauer
#467 Reducing the Severity of Rhbmp-2 Induced Peri-implant Tissue Swellings: An in vivo Evaluation of Alginate Microbeads with Heparin in a Rodent Model of Posterior Spinal Fusion
Presenter: M. Wang - Author(s): M. Wang,, S.A. Abbah, J. Goh, H.K. Wong
#193 Biomechanical Modeling of Vertebral Compression Fractures
Presenter: A. Mehta - Author(s): A.K. Mehta, S. Marcinek, S. Lee, T. Slater
#407 Genomic and Proteomic Characterization of the Progenitor Population in Cellular Allograft Bone
Presenter: T. Moseley - Author(s): T.A. Moseley, G.M. Williams, E.M. Erbe
#241 Prevalence of Spondylolisthesis and Concomitant Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Matched Cohort Analysis
Presenter: R. Tracey - Author(s): R.A. Lehman, D.G. Kang, L.G. Lenke, K. Blanke, E.E. Transfeldt, H. Labelle, S. Parent, J. Cody, J.-M. Mac-Thiong, R.W. Tracey, Spinal Deformity Study Group
#248 Pedicle Screw Re-insertion Using Previous Pilot Hole and Trajectory Does Not Reduce Fixation Strength
Presenter: R. Tracey - Author(s): R.W. Tracey, D.G. Kang, R.A. Lehman, A.J. Bevevino, M. Donahue, R. Gaume, D. Ambati, A.E. Dmitriev
#300 The Insertion Forces and Impact Involved in Trialing a Continuously Expandable TLIF Spacer and a Static Cage
Presenter: J. Torretti - Author(s): J. Torretti, B. Bucklen, M. Moldavsky, S. Khalil
#365 Biomechanical Analysis of a Single-level 360o Lumbar Spine Arthroplasty: An in vitro Cadaveric Study
Presenter: B.G. Santoni - Author(s): A. Nayak, M. Doarn, R.B. Gaskins, C.R. James, A. Cabezas, B.G. Santoni, A.E. Castellvi