General Session: Infections/Tumor

#356 The Relationship between Pre-op ESR and CRP Level and Spine Surgery Infections
Presenter: T. Morrison - Author(s): T. Morrison, X. Hu, I.H. Lieberman
#59 Pyogenic Spondylitis Caused by Staphylococcus Aureus
Presenter: H. Aono - Author(s): H. Aono, T. Ohwada, H. Tobimatsu, Y. Nagamoto, S. Okuda, S. Suzuki, T. Oda, T. Fuji, M. Iwasaki
#361 Emergent Surgical Managment of Epidural Abscess: A Retrospective Study
Presenter: J. Belding - Author(s): J. Belding, F. Christopher
#325 One-stage Posterior Debridement, Interbody Graft, Rectification and Fixation for Thoracolumbar Tuberculosis
Presenter: Q. Zhou - Author(s): Q. Zhou
#441 Biomechanical Analysis of Spinal Pelvic Reconstruction after Total Sacrectomy: Comparison of Three Techniques
Presenter: A. Clark - Author(s): A.J. Clark, J.A. Tang, J.M. Leasure, M.E. Ivan, J.M. Buckley, V. Deviren, C.P. Ames
#122 Incidence and Mortality of Surgical Site Infections after Lumbar Spine Surgery
Presenter: K. Singh - Author(s): M. Pelton, S.J. Fineberg, M. Oglesby, K. Singh, A. Patel