General Session: Cervical Motion Preservation

#293 Effects of Mobile Core Technology on Fixation of Cervical Disc Replacement: Results from a FDA Investigational Device Exemption Trial of Mobi-CĀ® Cervical Artificial Disc
Presenter: K. Kim - Author(s): K.D. Kim,, H. Bae, J. Beaurain, P. Bernard, T. Dufour, J.-M. Fuentes, A. Hovorka, J. Huppert, A. Jodaitis0, R. Rashbaum, J.-P. Steib, J.-M. Vital
#416 SECUREĀ®-C Cervical Artificial Disc IDE Clinical Trial: Outcomes at Two and Five Years
Presenter: W. Beutler - Author(s): W.J. Beutler, W.C. Peppelman, J. Marzluff, C. Tomaras, I. Volcan, P. Asdourian, K. Baker, J. Myer
#141 Seven-year Results of the ProDisc-C Multi-center Randomized Clinical Trial
Presenter: J. Zigler - Author(s): J.E. Zigler, D.B. Murrey, R.B. Delamarter, J.M. Spivak, M. Janssen
#272 Heterotopic Ossification Following Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement May Promote Adjacent Segment Degeneration: A Minimum 5-year Follow-up Result
Presenter: Z. Feifei - Author(s): Z. Feifei, S. Yu
#296 Do Facets Govern Flexion-extension Motion Pattern in the Cervical Spine? Implications to Cervical Prosthesis Design
Presenter: A. Patwardhan - Author(s): A.G. Patwardhan, T. Potluri, B. McIntosh, P. Tsitsopoulos, L.I. Voronov, G. Carandang, M.R. Zindrick, R.R. Havey
#348 Sagittal Balance and Adjacent Segment Disease in the Cervical Spine
Presenter: J. Belding - Author(s): J. Belding, A. Bowlka, A. Youseff, H. Bohlman, J. Eubanks
#276 Restoration of Cervical Lordosis Is Associated with Improved Clinical Outcome in Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) Patients
Presenter: I. Lieberman - Author(s): I.H. Lieberman, X. Hu
#335 The Kappa Line - A Predictor of Neurologic Outcome after Cervical Laminoplasty
Presenter: D. Lee - Author(s): D.-H. Lee, H. Kim, H.S. Lee, H. Noh, N.-H. Kim, C. Hwang, S.K. Cho
#519 In Vitro Biomechanics of Human Cadaveric Cervical Spines with Mature Fusion
Presenter: N. Rodriguez-Martinez - Author(s): N. Rodriguez-Martinez, L. Perez-Orribo, S. Kalb, A.G.U.S. Newcomb, P.M. Reyes, N. Theodore, N.R. Crawford