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August 31, 2016

ISASS Policy & Advocacy News – August 2016

News and noteworthy information for August 2016: Data Collection on Surgical Global Periods Patient Relationship Categories and Codes Anthem Coverage Policy Update – Cervical Total Disc Arthroplasty Multi-Society Letter to CMS – Refinement Panel ICD-10 “Grace Period” Flexibility Ends October 1 Opioid Letter from U.S. Surgeon General Maintenance of Skills Survey   Data Collection on Surgical Global Periods On August 25, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) hosted a Town Hall meeting to hear directly from the surgical community on its proposal to collect data on the number and level of post-operative visits during the surgical global period. Many surgical spine procedures are valued and paid for as part of global packages that include the procedure and the […]
August 23, 2016

ISASS Signs On to Multi-Society Letter to CMS Regarding the Refinement Panel Process

ISASS recently signed on to a multi-society letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) strongly recommending reinstatement of the Refinement Panel as a formal appeals process to review public comments, hear directly from practicing physicians, and independently recommend refinements to the values assigned to procedure codes. In 2011, CMS changed the focus of the Refinement Panel process from a broad appeals process to a narrow process triggered only by the availability of “new clinical information”. This means CMS is largely unaccountable and is free to make valuation decisions without having to provide compelling rationale when rejecting value recommendations from stakeholders. View the letter to CMS here.
August 17, 2016

ISASS16 Co-Presidential Addresses and Presidential Guest Speaker Videos

The audio/video presentations for ISASS16 Co-Presidential Addresses and Presidential Guest Speakers are now available: ISASS16 Co-Presidential Addresses and Presidential Guest Speaker Videos Main Page Co-Presidential Address by Gunnar B.J. Andersson Presidential Guest Speaker Lt. Col. Allen B. West Co-Presidential Address by Hee Kit Wong, MD Presidential Guest Speaker Robin Young
  • Great course [ISASS January 2014 Course and Cadaver Lab]. Picked up some very practical pearls that I’ll be able to implement in my practice right away.
    Brian Grossman, MD
    Southern California Orthopedic Institute
  • Attending ISASS as part of the cadaver lab was a great experience, not to mention our brief time with you and some of the participants. We would like to continue to be part of the effort.
    Leonard Schultz, MD, Founder, Chairman and CEO
    Nascent Surgical
  • My impressions were strongly positive. Very high scientific level and lots of opportunities to learn. I appreciated also the international outreach of the society compared with other spine societies. It looks there is a chance for non US surgeons to come forward and share their spine work.
    Óscar L. Alves, MD, Head of Neurosurgery, Senior Neurosurgeon
    Hospital Lusiadas Porto, Centro hospitalar de Gaia
  • Fan of ISASS - progressive thinking group, great opportunity for the Sentio MMG technology. Look forward to being in attendance!
    Sean Parker, VP Market Development
    Sentio, LLC
  • The surgeon’s choice!
    Hansen A. Yuan, MD, Spine Surgeon, Professor of Orthopaedic and Neurological Surgery
    State University of New York
  • This meeting is surgeon-focused, well organized and very informative.
    Tony Castellvi, MD, Spine Surgeon
    Florida Orthopedic Institute
  • For spine surgeons ISASS is the GO TO meeting to discover what works, what doesn’t, and what is emerging. A must for spine surgeons.
    Matthew Scott Young, MD, Spine Surgeon
    Gold Coast Spine, Australia
  • ISASS has evolved into one of the premiere spine surgery meetings. The quality of research, presentations and symposia is outstanding. Great to attend a spine surgery focused meeting with an international presence.
    Frank M. Phillips, MD, Professo
    Rush Presbyterian Medical Center
  • The agenda of clinical research presentations at this year’s ISASS annual meeting was as strong as we’ve ever seen.
    Matt Miksic, Sr Reseach Analyst
    Piper Jaffray
  • The scientific sessions were robust and comprehensive. If you want to stay informed on emerging technologies in spine surgery, this meeting is a must.
    Scott Blumenthal, MD, Spine Surgeon
    Texas Back Institute
  • I believe ISASS efforts are being recognized and these efforts will ultimately help promote better spine care for patients.
    Raymond Cloutier, VP of Engineering & Development Spine
    Exactech, Inc.
  • The ISASS meeting serves as a platform for assessing and defining the latest technologies around the world. Critically reviewed by a panel of peers, it truly is the society for the advancement of spinal surgery.
    Neel Anand, MD, Spine Surgeon
    Cedars Sinai Medical Center
  • I would say the society is well on its way to being the principal voice of the surgical community.
    Robert Assell, VP of Research and Development
    Zyga Technology, Inc.
  • ISASS13: A wow moment for spine surgeons.
    Michael Gordon, MD, Spine Surgeon
    HOI Orthopedics
  • The ISASS Annual Meeting was a fantastic educational and networking experience. The focus on spine surgery and outcomes in an intimate collaborative setting is a great value.
    Charlie Branch, Professor and Chair, Neurosurgery
    Wake Forest Baptist Health System
  • Most patients go to their ‘spine doc’ for pain alleviation... not neuro deficit, not deformity, not instability. If we fail to steward and oversee the entire field of spine then we will become dinosaurs like some other specialties have become. The issue of untrained practitioners treating without training will grow... this underlines the importance of ISASS for spine surgeons by surgeons.
    Morgan Lorio, MD, Spine Surgeon, Neuro Spine Solutions
    Neuro Spine Solutions
  • I was really pleased with the ISASS annual meeting. It was focussed, with good topics and wide geographic representation; very interesting. The society has great momentum.
    Av Edidin, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer / Associate Professor
    Relievant Inc. / Drexel University
  • ISASS is definitely the exception... Your efforts are definitely appreciated. When other docs ask who is a positive voice for surgeons and their patients I always point out ISASS as the best.
    Michal Hisey, MD, Spine Surgeon
    Texas Back Institute